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Internet Security

Hello Forum Topic Readers:

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Posted 06/02/02
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Disclaimer Note:
Based upon personal experiences.
Your experiences may differ.

There is no doubt that internet security software isn't needed. Especially so if your computer is online continuously via an always on line connection like DSL or Cable modem.

There are several types and different varieties of online security protection software programs available. Many are offered as Free downloadable "Trial Versions."

With the free trial version method, many of us are enticed into downloading one of them for a free "Test Drive." I am no exception to this rule and have done so several times.

In a previous posting, within this forum, as a topic starter only, I asked a question about internet security software. Several very helpful replies were offered, as were links to several software programs suggested to either "Test Drive" or "Use."

I selected the "Free Version" of ZoneAlarm. Make no mistake, ZoneAlarm works. The software is excellent and the online help is superb, bar none.

Disclaimer Note: My statement above about this product is NOT meant to advertise nor sell that product. It is strictly my personal observations and experiences using the product.

Snags. When the cable modem service company I use for the direct always on connection sold to another company, the new provider changed my server for faster service & problems started.

Another snag came when I upgraded the AnitVirus software. This software also checks emails for viruses as does ZoneAlarm. The two softwares conflicted.

There was no resolve to the issue even after weeks of communications between cable service provider, ZoneAlarm and Symantec. No changes to either software made any differences.

What the final results boiled down to was I could not have both running at the same time. Therefore, I had to choose between Symantec or ZoneAlarm.

For Your Information, once an internet security software program is installed on your computer, it most likely cannot be successfully removed, regardless of how it is removed. Using the softwares own removal software or windows add/remove software.

Rare exceptions are excluded. This information came from personal experiences & trials. And working with a tech on the staff of the cable modem service provider company.

The reason the software cannot always be removed successfully is basically very simple. Upon installation it makes drastic changes to the computers online operating systems. removal takes with it the required systems to access e-mails and online software.

Unless you have a software program that monitors the complete installation of software, {system monitoring in the accessories selection of windows or a version of another product} one that allows the reinstall of the security software and you used it prior to installing the security software, removal of the security software is most likely going to leave your online systems totally inoperable.

Therefore, based upon my personal experiences and done with the sole intent to test these products, be advised & aware. Contact your service provider for their evaluations before you install any internet security software product and know the risks.

Failure to acknowledge the risks and adhere to the prior experiences of others, may mean a complete restore of your computers system. Unless the option to disable is available and allows it to remain such. Some do while others do not.

The option to disable does not function in some products. If that happens, you can select "Run" from the start menu options. Type in the words msconfig which will take you to a section with several tabs. Select startup and uncheck the software you installed ONLY. A reboot will then not allow that software to run upon start up. Exception here also apply.

If your not exactly sure of what to do with any security software already installed on your computer that your not satisfied with it or it fails to operate, as you expected or do to any changes beyond your control but you can render the software inoperative, do so.

DO NOT uninstall it! Leave it on the hard drive and forget about it. But do obtain another another security software product. It is a must have product!
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Hello Forum Topic Readers:

Disclaimer Note:
As an addition to this FYI topic on internet security software, I am offering you my personal experiences and opinons only, as stated below. Yours experiences and opinions may vary.

Internet security software is becoming another must have software program. However, it is not needed by all online computer users.

If your computer connects to the www via a dial-up modem, your not necessarily a candiate in need of an internet security program.
Exceptions do apply.

If you leave your computer online for many hours or several days at time unattended and your service provider allows continual connections without your interactions, you could be a candidate.

Your definately a candidate that needs an internet security software installed, if your computer connects to the www using any cable or dsl modem direct, always on, connection system.

If you intend to purchase an internet security software program or system, in my opinion and upon my experiences, I highly suggest you do so by buying the CD and NOT downloading any trial versions. PERIOD.

Downloading any software via the net always posses the risk of getting an corrupted file or program. This is based almost soley upon the method of delivery and NOT a result of the actual software product itself.

During any download of software especially, some part of or all of a packet can or may become lost within the vast pipeline delivery system of the www. This happened to me recently.

I violated my own personal rule. NEVER download software. Buy the CD version always.

In this instance I downloaded a trial version of a popular internet security software program. Some files contained within the software, did not make the download trip.

They most likely got lost along the route....
Lost files can and will cause computer problems and GRIEF!
Spare yourself of the potental problems and BUY the CD version.

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