HP Pavilions


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HP Pavilions

does anyone have any experience with these particular PCs??

my girlfriend's parents are looking to buy a reasonably-priced PC, and i know they sell these at Wal-Mart. are they pretty OK PCs??

if not, any other recommendations for not-too-pricey PCs??

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celeron processors??

one more question -- what about the celeron processors?? i've been hearing and reading various things, but they are less expensive, and it sounds like they've GREATLY improved over the past few years.
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HP makes fairly decent PCs, and they are good for a beginner. Much better then an eMachines unit . A Celeron I believe is still based on the PIII core, so it's not as "advanced" as a P4. But it's failrly fast for most applications, so unless you play really demanding games, or use AutoCad for a living then it will be fine. You basically get what you pay for...
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There are different varieties of Celerons, the best variety is the P3 generation. This is a very short, but direct answer. PC magazine explains these sorts of things in much greater depth in various issues, as new products are introduced.

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Hello arthropod98, I have 3 Pavilions all about 2 years old. One has had no problems, one has had the power supply fail and one a hard drive and power supply fail all after the one year warranty :-{. I don't have a clear picture whether this is considered normal failure rates but it sure seems like to much. These are all celeron, one 600 and two 550's. I have used a 550 with a Pentium III and for my purposes there is no difference in performance but I don't game or use heavy graphics. I would think a celeron at 1000+ processor speed would be a fine machine......Mike
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really appreciate all the responses!!

since it's my girlfriend's parents that are looking for PC recommendations, i'm leaning towards a gateway or dell. they can get a really nice system (with a pentium III or IV processor), for around $1K, so i think i'll be recommending that.

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