... multple IE5.5 Browsers


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... multple IE5.5 Browsers

I've had a problem on my system for some time. It's just annoying.
Thought I'd throw it out. When browsing the net I'll have Multiple browsers open simultaniously. Any where between 3 and 10+. Occasionally, one will stop responding. I'll ctrl-alt-del and "end task" of the one that I believe is the culprit. It shuts them all down. Has anyone seen this? Is it possible to isolate the one causing the problem? Am I even asking the right questions?
The OS is 98SE. Any thoughts???
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Those are not 'multiple browsers' they are multiple web pages, shown as windows, that are currently open. Windows OS shows each window on the task bar on the bottom of the screen so it is easy to jump from one web page to the next. (e.g. you can have a webpage open to Yahoo and another to MSN at the same time). They are all being run by the same IE application. That is why when you force it to shut down they all close.
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This same thing occurred with 95 and earlier version of IE w/ dialup. Then 98 and IE5.5 w/dialup. When I moved to cable w/nic, same. I stripped out most software I thought might conflict (virus, firewall etc…). I use Webferret when surfing and probably remove it also. The system is otherwise stable. Any help on this is appreciated.
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Them would be "pop-ups" (should really shoot the guy that discovered you could do that with html) To prevent shutting down all your EI windows, close them one at a time, If it allows you to, or install a pop up prevention program (ie...popup stopper) These can be really really really really really annoying. Closing one usualy starts another, if not more. Also most every site out there is starting to use pop ups for advertising. you can download a copy of popup stopper @ www.download.com Is free and works pretty dang good.

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... thanks

I'll Check it out !!
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Cool 98.x and multitasking

And you have to remember that 95/98.x is not a true multitasking environment. Only NTFS was designed to run multiple applications at one time. 98.x will do it but not efficiently therefore you get breakdowns. Another good popup stopper is from www.analogx.com he has a stopper called "POW". You get total control over popup's.

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