Monitor colors


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Monitor colors

Lately the colors on my computer monitor change after using it awhile. The normal dark blue becomes a teal color and white gets sort of pink. It comes and goes as I'm using the computer.
Any ideas?
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Cool Name

Not good if it's what I'm thinking. How old and what size is the monitor. Also who made it? Brand name if it's branded. Is it setting next to any magnetism? Speakers or such, a florescent light? A fan running? Any of this within say three to four feet of monitor move the offending item...
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It's a four year old 15" Sears, so I don't know who manufactured it. Supposedly, degaussing occurs automatically whenever it's turned on. The problem doesn't usually happen until after about 30 minutes of use, and then it's sporatic.
In the immediate vicinity I have the CPU, printer, scanner, a shredder and an answering machine (that's probably the culprit, right?)
I do have one program installed where the background consistently turns to this same weird color when it's open.
Thanks for your input.
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Cool Dying...

Probably getting ready to die. A monitor works quite a bit different from a regular TV so their life span is a little shorter. I would use it until it goes completely but would start looking for a new monitor soon. KDS has some nice inexpensive monitors. Spend the money and get a Trinitron screen though. Wish I would he now.
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I agree the minitor is probably not long for this world, but if you can get your hands on a degaussing wand, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Power-on degaussing coils were never designed to fix bad problems.

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