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Question upgrade issues

I have a Compaq presario 5304 and am told that it has a cyrixII 366 mhz processor. Where can I go and what do specifically buy to upgrade this monster? doesn't seem like the processor can keep up with the tasks.
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A place for builders.

I have been taking the many courses at this site, PC Mechanic. I have also found that if you want to upgrade a store bought PC, it pays to follow the Mfrs reccomendations. I mean don't get creative, with their emulation and so forth. Follow the dotted lines in your oweners manual.

When you buy a box with power supply, you are in a whole new world of choices. I had a Compaq PC once.

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Don't want to discourage you garciarob, but IMHO, i think your throwing good money after bad trying to upgrade that CPU.

At best, you might be able to get up to the minimum levels of todays games. But that only allows you to run them at their most basic levels.

And as for operating systems, XP will be like running Win98 on a 486 system. Sssslllloooowww.

I was looking at some edge pushing games today and they are creeping up on my 2 year old, top of the line system(then) alerady.

So, I would say, look around for a new rig without a monitor( you already have one and will cut down on the price, if you looking to ave money) and get something new.

If any thing, some memory added to your system might help, but be sure it is compatible with higher system speeds so you can transfer it to your new rig when you get a new one.

Good Luck
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RAM Choices for Compaq

Your Compaq will take 384 MB of RAM total in three slots.
None of this RAM will work in my ABIT KT7-A Mother Board.

With todays boards running as much as 1.5 Gig of RAM & a stick of 256mb RAM down to $38.00 most builders would start with at least 256mb. Your largest choice is 128mb now, for your Compaq.

I f you look in the section of your Compaq manual on upgrading, it will tell you the CPU you can up grade to.

With PC parts as inexpensieve as they are today. Why not build your upgrade? I saw someone say, you could buy Win 98SE, for as low as $58.00.

I paid $1,750 for my Coppaq 5245 in 1998. The last 2 I built make it look like a tandy 1000, & for the two it cost $1,490.00 to build. Each one has Abit KT7-A, 2 WD 20 Gig 7200 rpm Hard drives, Duron 1.1Gig, 768 MB RAM, Zip 250s & Hp Burners + 52X CD-ROM, well you can see the difference, & your Compaq is newer than mine was.

I would have to agree with hacker on this upgrade, build 1 and you will never buy store bought again. I only mentioned Win 98 SE in case you wanted to network, as XP has no NETBOUI included in the OS.
My .02 cents

Best of luck in your choices

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just getting ready to post a question about upgrading a processor myself.

my girlfriend's got an ACER, and it's a pentium II . . . i think a 233 MHz, but i'm not POSITIVE about that.

i just wanted to get some ideas about how much of a PAIN it is to upgrade this processor.

a nice NEW dell (pentium IIII 1.8 GHz), pretty much LOADED -- about $1000. i'm thinkin' that's the best and easiest way to go -- any thoughts??
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Go For it.

If you don't mind store bought, then I would say buy it and don't look back. My .02 cents

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well, if it were my PC, i'd probably give it a shot myself, but i really don't wanna hose-up my girlfriend's PC -- she uses it a good bit.

thanks for the response!

oh, the main reason i was kinda curious is that i'm not sure her machine might have some other type of restrictions (cables, etc) that may prevent her to really benefitting from a pretty significant processor upgrade.
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Compaqs of that era are very closed, and not all upgrades work out of the box. They use a special BIOS, and it's not always easy to upgrade it. It's difficult to even add a hard drive to those clunkers. Brings back bad memories...
I'd say save the money and buy a bare bone unit, and then transfer some stuff from the old unit if you must. Bur rigtht now you could build a pretty decent PC (1.4 Ghz AthlonXP for less then $1000, with everything new inside (video card, hard drive, CDRW, etc). You can build a decent unit (1 Ghz) for around $500-$600 if you shop around...
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My $.02

Upgrading the processor can be a quick fix for a year or so till you can get some more money. Another way is to buy am Motherboard and CPU for about $100 but that won't work on a Compaq becuase of their bizarre motherboard and case configuration.

Anyway, your upgrade path is entirely dependant on the socket/slot in your current computer, MB buss speed, and Bios updates. All of this will take some research into you motherboard manual. One other note about Compaq, they tend to not update there bios unlike other computer makers. Hence, you may be limited to the CPUs that could have been original equipment on that computer.
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I am faced with similar issue

I am faced with a similar issue - upgrading a P II. Can't be done. You will need a new motherboard and CPU. Then, if you are lucky, the front panel connections will match up and the old power supply will be sufficient. Otherwise its a new case ($50 and up).

If the sound and/or video was integrated on the old motherboard, count on buying new cards. These aren't expensive but are another cost.

And the old memory sticks may not work in the new motherboard because of the different speeds. Memory is cheap though - 256 mb stick for $40-50.

Count on investing $350 on upgrading.

I did get a new Dell, too. With the discount I get from work, it was very competitive with all but the e-brands. I also went with XP-PRO ($99). I'm glad I did get a new one. What a difference!!!

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Hey Garciarob,

You still there?

Anyway, when you realize that you need a new motherboard, it's time to relegate your comp to your sister.

Start saving your sheckels, save what you can, and build the best you can.

And, if your are going to buy a pre-made, I would look at what I call second tier makers ABS, Cyberpower, etc.

They are generally not don't have propriatary parts in them so they are easy to upgrade.

But, they could go out of business tomorrow (i.e. CyberMax, which I bought, but the system still runs great).

So, there are many choices, Grasshopper, choose wisley!

Good Luck!
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So much information, can't process.
just kidding, thanks for the info from all. my choice is (drum roll please) when I return from my reunion next month I am gonna build a new. the Mrs. probably won't like it but what the heck you only live once. send any information u think I might need to move into the next generation of Computers, thanks again.
let you know how it turns out.

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