moniter grey lines


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moniter grey lines

hi my moniter now has grey shadowed lines running horizontal I don't know how this happend or how to get rid of them i tried everthing i think i know its not a program problem its the moniter itself i guess. does anyone know how to solve this or why it happened?
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If the monitor is too old then I would replace it. It could also be a video card issue. Try the same monitor on a different computer (or video card). If it's solved, then the video card is the problem. If not, the monitor is the problem.
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I've had the same problem. Twice! It was my video card. It was a high performance card that was believed to be overheating. After 2 replacements, we got a different card. Haven't had the problem again.
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Cool Cool it man...

If you’re running a big video card like I am, a Radeon 7000 64 Meg AGP then I would cool it. No big deal, Radio Shack, a 2” or 3” wafer fan and a 12 volt wall wart. also offers many solutions to cooling video, memory etc. There are others rather than Thermaltake but that’s just who I use.

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