Strange problem


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Strange problem

I am experiencing a very strange problem on my 2 XP machines (Home and Pro). I can download files perfectly over Kazaa, or from most websites. However, I can't download anything from MS's site, and a few other ones. For example, Win Update will work fine, it will download maybe 200K, then it will just stop and time out. Downloading the driver from Nvidia did the same. This problem occurs in both IE and Netscape, so it's not browser related. It also shouldn't be stack related since most websites work fine. I can browse the site with no problem, it's the download that's picky. I'm running over a Lynksys router. Different brand NICs also. I thought it may be the router, or the DSL connection, but my 98 machine works perfectly. My XP pro machine just had a clean install a couple of weeks back, and the problem is still there. The XP Home machine got upgraded from ME, and started to have that problem after the upgrade. After it stops downloading there's basically no activity over the network. It periodically sends requests, but nothing. If I stop the download and try again, it will go a few hunderd kbyes more, then stop again. The two machines are completely different in hardware (different MB, CPU, NIC, Vcard, etc). I was wondering if anybody experienced anything similar to this...
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A shot in the dark.

I just had a thought & that could be dangerous lol . What about what they call a download manager.

Example: Don't take chances with your Download, get so & so download mgr. Is there a way to check out your DL manager?

I remember once being told, get rid of Netscapes Smart Download it's spyware. Let windows manage the download.

Good luck trinitro.

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I don't use any download managers. Even Netscape was downloaded as one big file, and the problem occured even before that. It took me 10 tries just to download Netscape. Right now, if I go to Nvidia's website I won't be able to download the Detonator drivers. It will download like crazy (768K connection) for 3 or 4 seconds, then it just stops. The window is not frozen, but it just sits there. However, I can go to Via's website and download the 4in1 drivers with no problem, even at the same time when the other window basically stays there. It will eventually time itself out. I've been doing computer work for 7 years now, and never had anything like this happen.
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See if there are updated drivers for your network card. There are also instruction on the internet that can help you optimize your TCP/IP packet handling
check out
it may be of some help. Also try doing a search on google or something on "cable modem optimization" works just the same for DSL.

Router: when I first got my router bout 2 years ago I was havin all sorts of problems almost like yer having. What I would do is goto Linksys website and see if they have a firmware update for your router.

Good luck I hope you solve the problem

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