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computer to receiver


I want to hook my computer to a receiver for playing music.
Soundblaster live value card to a Sony receiver.
I want to use windows media player as a juke box.
Any special connections or wiring i should know about before i start this project.
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There are a few different ways to do this. The most direct way is to purchase a RCA Stereo Cable. This will allow you to connect your SB card to your home stereo system if it has RCA connections.

There is also a SB adapter to connect via optical cable.
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Thanks for the reply.
Sorry about the second post
forgot to check my email
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Analog: you need to goto best buy or somewhere of the like and purchase a RCA to 3.5mm(I think that's the right size) Mini-jack(headphone plug) I say best buy cause I know they have what you need in the Monster Cable brand which is going to have the best shielding and materials that will provide ultimate signal with least amount of distortation. remember this is a HQ cable so it will run about $40 for about 3-6ft. they also have coupler plugs and long RCA cables 10-16feet if your stereo is on the other side of the room. You can get by with thier cheaper cables but run the risk of lower quality sound. And since you have a SB Live yer all about quality.

Digital: I wouldn't waste my time with this unless you only have 320+kbps MP3's you WON'T hear the difference.

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