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J A Boggan
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Question Web site icon

Is there a way to put icons on your desktop for different Web sites that you have in your bookmarks? Sure would save a lot of time.
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try saving the page, (cntl-d) then open favorites and then right click(hold) and drag the site to an open area of the desktop, click on make shortcut here. should be good to go.

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J A Boggan
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Would you please explain the process once more. I don't understand why but I can't get it to work.
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Left click and hold. I just left click, held and dragged it to the desktop and it stayed there. Pretty neat about the crtl+d deal. Didn't know about that keyboard shortcut for saving favorites.

Old 06-15-02, 04:37 AM
J A Boggan
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I'm sorry but it still wont work. I can left click (and hold), The cursor changes to small black circle but when I drag it to my desktop (from my boormarks) and release the left button, the black circle just disappears. I also can't seem to get any box up on my desktop which tells me to create a shortcut here. I am also using an Opera 5.0 browser (if that makes any difference).

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