sd ram vs. ddr ram


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sd ram vs. ddr ram

My current system has sd ram. The system I'm buying supports ddr ram. Is this ram faster or better than sd ram? Will a system that has ddr ram support sd ram?
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DDR RAM is faster, more expensive, and of course non-backward compatibility.
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Both of the memory type you mentioned are SDRAM. Just think of DDR as SDRAM with a supercharger built in.

SDRAM stands for Synchronous Dynamic random access memory. It operates in sync with the CPU clock to avoid the delays caused by asynchronous operation.

DDR SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM) is synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM) that can theoretically improve memory clock speed to at least 200 MHz*. It activates output on both the rising and falling edge of the system clock rather than on just the rising edge(standard sdram), potentially doubling output.

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