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Angry monitor - 16 colors

Old computer been upgraded through the years - but not sure if the video card ever was...

The computer is a pentium II, but was originally bought in 1996. Short of it is - I reformatted the Hard drive (no small feat - in itself) finally re-installed Windows 98.

Here is my last issue that makes me want to toss it out the window. I have been trying everything - but it is not working.

All I have left to do is get Windows to accept more than 16 colors on the display. When I go to display it only gives me the option of 2 colors or 16 colors. No choice of any monitor size except 640x480.

When the computer is first loading in the windows picture that you see before the program is displaying correctly so there is at least 256 colors. But when windows loads - back to 16 colors. I have tried to change the drivers (video, monitor) and it continuously picks the best VGA driver even if I tweak it and say Super VGA.

And to my dismay - I can't find one blasted old disk from the original computer.

Any suggestions welcomed :-)
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Cool Drivers

You will need to pull the video card and get the chipset numbers, names, model numbers off of it and go to some place like and get the factory drivers for the card. Evidently Windoze does not have the driver for the card. Just a generic one.
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Cool thank you

Will give 'er a try. Think I will wait and try it after a goods night sleep. If I screw it up, I will be up all night.

Thanks again

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