I need help


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Claude Voyer
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I need help

I need help
An error starting program box comes up on the screen and I can't get it off without shutting down. The message reads inside the box, A required .DLL file, FILECACHEMGR. DLL, was not found.
I'm on windows 95.
Claude Voyer
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Cool 95 Disk

I tried to find that .dll but came up empty. Search the 95 CD and it should be on there. Once you find it copy and paste it to the win 95 "System" folder. 95? This is 2002 ya know?
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Perhaps this is autoloaded file of some third party software. Run Norton WinDoctor to fix the problem or reinstall Windows.

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Did this message appear after you installed or unistalled a program? Does the message appear at startup, or randomly? Do you have any utilities (like Norton Disk or something) loaded? Half of the solution lies with finding who is asking for that file. You can also run Regedit, and search for that file. That will tell you who's asking for it, and where it should be. Of course, you should search your computer for the file first. If it points to a program you don't need then unistall the program. If it points to a program you uninstalled already simply delete the registry entry. Make sure you hit F3 and cycle through the whole registry, and back the registry first before making any changes.
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What is described will also happen when a program is "deleted" rather than uninstalled.

If you know of a program that was deleted... reinstall it, then "uninstall" it through windows.

You might get lucky.
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Your problem is caused from a program being uninstalled/removed or deleted imporperly. In order to remove the error you don't need to find the speific *.dll that it's looking for. You need instead to remove the shortcut that is trying to start the program.
These shortcuts can be stored in serveral places, I will list them below. HOWEVER it's important that you determine exactly what program is trying to start. Often you can look at the *.dll name and get a general idea of what program uses it (ie. pnt32.dll might be a paint.exe program trying to start)

WARNING: Removing a shortcut to a program that you aren't sure is the one causing the problem may leave your system without a needed program running or worse, it may cause the machine to not boot at all.

The places where this shortcut maybe found are:

start/programs/startup menu
win.ini file (edit the file with notepad)
In the registry (Run regedit.exe from a command prompt) under HK_Local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/run

Please once again, be certain what you are removing and make sure NOT to play inside the registry. Remove the program you are looking for only and leave immediatly. Your machine may depend on this.

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