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Question installing new software

When installing new software the instructions are to close all applications. Exactly what does this mean? To close all applications you have running or all applications that the computer loads at startup. I am confused. What do I need to do when installing new software? It is best to turn off antivirus software?
Any suggestions would be appreciated?
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Cool Installing

[size=2] This is to make sure nothing is open to cause the installing program to hang up on. Make sure your email programs are closed, Internet Explorer etc. If you are running a firewall shut it down for a few minutes. Some programs need access to the net to finish install and if you’re firewall is up it may not connect causing you problems. If you want to get serious do a “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” and close everything down except Sys Tray and Explorer but you really do not need to. [/size]
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as far as the anti-virus software, i would make sure it's enabled when you're DOWNLOADING something to install, but i would disable it for an actual install.

just my 2 cents.
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Shutting down all applications will increase the probability of a successfull installation. Shutting off the AV will usually not accomplish anything, but I've ran accross some programs that didn't like Norton, but had no problem with McAfee running during installation.

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