Computer wont work


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Computer wont work

I have an older compaq pentium 1 computer. I had the hard drive erased some time ago since it was having serious problems. I no longer have the system disks that came with the computer. How do I loan anything on it. I turn it on, the Compaq logo come on, then the screen reads must insert system disk.

Anything I can do to load programs onto this computer?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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you're going to have to install an operating system on it before you can go any further. other than buying one i'm not sure how you would overcome this hurdle. you may be able to find an older version of windows relatively inexpensively. call compaq or go online and find out if their customer service can help you. i registered a dell notebook that i bought online with dell and they said they would help me get a recover disk for it, but i never had to do that since it was on the system, and i transfered it to my desktop, and then burned the disk for the notebook. i was trying to avoid having to go through what you are now. it wouldn't hurt to check into it. if you get an installation disk from a friend or something, it is bootlegging software. i don't know how say a Dell windows install on a compaq would work, but i know that i accidentally installed the dell onto my clean emachines drive. it worked, but it was a lesser version that i had intended to install. i didn't run it to find out if some things would go haywire or not.

do try calling compaq service center to see if they can help you out. may cost you a couple of bucks, but if they're nice and in a good mood may not cost you as much as trying to buy a new o/s straight off the shelves.


afterthought: always always always have a copy of a restore disk! and at least a bootable disk...may save you heartache in the future. I burned a copy of my restore disk since they do have a tendency to get broken when you need them most.

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Do you have an OS disk?
I would say pop in a boot disk, format the drive yourself, or if it's a boot disk with CDrom support put the OS disk in the drive, floppy in it's drive, boot up, and rock on!
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Good luck using a "non-recovery disk" os on the compaq.

IMHO any thing that "needs" the manufacture recovery disk is USDA aporoved junk. Ever take a look at all the worthless, useless stuff they load? Sad part is that most people only use 1/3 of what is auto-loaded.

Ooopps.....forgot I just bought some, some being a little more then none, HP stock. Keep on buying. hehehe.


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