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Exclamation help with webpages

i made my webpage with microsoft frontpage2002 and uploaded them through yahoo. then i went to flaming and got a glowing logo. now when the logo is on the internet it does not show. infact all my pictures do not show. please help me.
the webpage is:
thnx to whoever helps!!
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Do all the pics show up when you browse to the site on the machine used to create the webpage? If so then you need to upload the pics you are using to some sort of file server on the net. this is one of your lines----> src="Medal%20of%20Honor.jpg
All you have it the name of the pic. Missing the path for the site to load the pic from.

EX. my old isp gave me 5Mb of web space for webpage development. I had to ftp all pics and files I intended on useing to my online folder. With in the source code I would have <img> If I just had <src=pic1.jpg> the site has no earthly idea where or what I was talking about. when the page loads it would see it as an incomplete line and just give you the size of the pic you designated, but not the pic.

Hope that helps.

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No images..

I don't see that you actually loaded the images.
Just curious...but why do you have double with .htm and the excat same file name with the .html extension.

All of your HTML is looking at the root directory for your images. Just upload your images to the same directory you uploaded your pages.
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Images on Web Page

I have a similar issue. On uploading my webpage to the Cogeco webserver I see only part of the image (top half). Tried the same on yahoo Geocities and the images display fine.

any ideas
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Take at look at:
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ribabata website

Looks like an upload problem. Doesn't look like the entire image uploaded correctly. Try uploading a few images and see if the others post.

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