uninstaller included/not included


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uninstaller included/not included

when you download software that states uninstaller included or not included...what position does that put you in?

i was under the assumption that if it came with an uninstaller that when you removed through add/remove programs or using its uninstaller directly that you would have a clean removal of the program. this apparently isn't the case. i always seem to have some file or three that i have to remove myself, or that i find lingering around in there somewhere.

those learning games (knowledge adventure & learning company) are two that are purchased software (disc install) that leave traces all over the place.

do i just need to get a separate uninstaller? i do leave those files that it questions you on ie: some files in my system folder since i don't know if they are actually being shared by another prog or not. i can understand it leaving a shortcut here, there or yonder when the prog itself didn't install them there.

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Uninstaller capabilities vary. None that I have encountered are 100% fool proof. Simply remove or corrupt their INF, and oops.. Even if an uninstaller goes to the point of scanning the disk and checking file associations, in Win9xs, system files [usually dlls] can be updated 'changed' to accommodate an unforeseen function required by a program. The files you see in the system folder may or may not be updated system files. They could be rouge dlls or program files left by the uninstaller also.

Old headline/sage advice: "backup your system before installing new hardware or programs".

Down to choices. Backup or drift. Backup - the degree of, and your tool(s), Windows [manage me], DOS [take control], or both.

Relying completely on manage me software sucks. You'll be just as unenlightened tomorrow as you are now. {Opinion}.

Bare bones: 'third party' backup device & software, 'third party' uninstaller. A few hundred clicks from now; a few exceptions faults; a couple of reinstalls, and then you're ready to implement your backup strategy. Did I fail to mention: investigate hardware and software compatibility issues prior to purchase. An additional touch: file system tacking software. Sortof a super system file checker that relies on a data base. One of the old editors of PC Magazine wrote one. Try the ziff davis site or download.com

A little DOS goes a long way. For Win98, DOS backup software exists on your hard drive. Its scope is somewhat limited, but it's suitable for backups prior to installs. The control file can be configured, (up to a point). and it creates CAB files. Individual files within can be extracted with the extract command.

The means to find new or altered files after a given date, (especially useful after an install), and to locate single or multiple files by 'type'= extension, or name, are among the many things you can do without installing software. {Kinda funny, for many of the more useful "Windows" tools Microsoft chose DOS or a DOS emulation to implement them}.

Kay, just for you, a short demonstration.

Action: cyclic xcopy32 of C: listing all files.
1. check mode WinDOS or DOS. Deny DOS
2. Output current date to capture file
3. Output Listing of Drive C: to capture file
4. Output blank line to capture file
5. assign virtual drive to %temp% [subsistute a drive letter to a folder path].
6. xcopy32 c:\*.* and subfolders to %temp%\foo
7. remove virtual drive assignment
8. remove %temp%\foo from the capture listing & place allfiles.txt on the desktop.
9. delete capture file
10. open allfiles.txt with wordpad


@echo off
if "%windir%"=="" goto Nogo
echo. |date| find /i "current">%temp%\foo
echo Listing of Drive C:>>%temp%\foo
echo. >>%temp%\foo
subst z: %temp%
xcopy c:\*.* z: /s/e/l/h/y >>z:\foo
subst z: /d
find /v /i "foo"<%temp%\foo>%windir%\desktop\allfiles.txt
del %temp%\foo
start wordpad %windir%\desktop\allfiles.txt
goto End
echo run in WinDOS only


Note that "C:\" is omitted for each file entry. It's a limitation of the syntax. Other than that folder paths and filenames are correct. The xcopy32' syntax is adaptable to all of the means previously mentioned, and then some.

I strolled round' the mountn', because I think you may be one of the few capable of 'getting it' and making it work. If you're thinking 'get what', I apologize for distracting you. Want a little how to coaching? Start a no push n' squeek thread.
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that was neat. i always wondered how to do that. i knew there were a ton of files on my system, but i never realized just how many there were.

thanks! i will also learn to backup my system BEFORE i install!


Ps. thanks again for the code to create the batch file to remove those cookies/history/temp files a few months ago. really helps to keep my system cleaned up.

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