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Exclamation Ie 6.0 /privacy V.s Extra Nav Features


Kind regards to all who, in one way or another contribute to this here fine domain.

This here posting, strictly refflects my opinion, and carries no ill intent.

There has been in recent times, an increase number of disconects, that have for the most part, been consistent and unexplained , yet aknowledge by IE with an appology followed by a notification, dressed up as a request for permission, to forward a report from my "private and personal", system, to an MSN special team of techs that would theoratically, study the report, and seek a workaround for this issue.

Certainly there must be others among us, who have been subjected to this blatant intrusion. This abuse of technological knowledge.

Mind you, this is a far reaching breach of trust.

As simple as it may seem to say " oh yes please, gather all the data, info, and what ever else you may find on my "personal system" and send it off to "Gates Knows Who", the extent of that report, ecceeds the reasonable boundries of a basic, hardware query.

The point may very well be... the un-consented lattitude that MSN as a whole, has taken with our systems.

Please, if and when you get notified, that IE is having some difficulties, and that you will get disconnected, that a report needs to be transmitted to a remote thinktank, and that you permission is requested,,,,, take the time to look at the contents of and the extent of the data aquired from your system.

The "report", monitors, usage, demographics, personal cyber habits, and a great deal of irelevant and personal info that could not possibly be applied to research.

Security, has never been God's gift to Billy boy. Thus it is reasonable to assume that some of that data collected, may possibly end up elsewhere. Without our consent.

Sure hope I didn't bore any one.

[email protected]

If you can, or know of a way to approach this issue, by all means
do share it.
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Angry 666 ?

As previously stated on some of these threads, I own a fair amount of MSoft stock, but don't care for Mr. Bill.

Along with your issue, who really believes that no info is submitted to MSoft when doing a Windows Update?
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You want privacy on the net? You better start setting up some pretty sophisticated firewalls and develop code for your own web browser. I wouldn't throw stones at IE without tossing a couple towards AOL (who had to be forced to stop selling info to the highest bidder) By the way AOL owns Netscape and Netscape 6 has even more holes that anyone can get to.

The big bad wolf on the internet is not Bill Gates its DoubleClick who brags about how much info they can pull of your computer without you knowing. They of course sell that info to anyone with cash.
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You're a little too late to feel indigent. Microsofts "information gathering practices" have been in effect for a long time:

Is it an abuse of knowledge, technogical or otherwsie, to enter into a binding aggrement. Perhaps an attorney will intervene..., elucidating demarcation of a U.S. Citizens Consitutional Right to Privacy verses engaging a contractual agreement with a Lawful Business. Click: "I agree". Abuse, if any, is self-inflicted.

...Microsoft brown nose perpoent? I think not! Amussed by "the game". Surely. But then weak minds are easily ammused.

Microsoft and benevolence.
Microsofts anti-privacy software campaign and the U.S. Federal Court Record.
The common delusion that Billy Boy will somehow overcome the usual course of history.
The other delusions of self significance and "self" in control... ["Where do you want to go today"].
Internet and privacy. [Does "public domain" ring a bell].

Grubs: While you're there... check for dingle berries, clean up a little, and change the air freshener. Statistines:: "may your fingers and toes, flex n' wiggle, divulging the meaning of it all". Owah...n'. Three is a killer, especially for carnivores. Warning!.., warning!... warning!... unbalanced load in right and left hemispheres.

What do you do about the God given right of choice? Educate the masses or kill them. So far, neither has been effective.

Microsoft made it easy, spinning a web of desire. Now that you're embraced, you complain of being sucked dry. Today is Independence Day. Declare it.
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gracias to all respondants

You're a little too late to feel indigent. Microsofts "information gathering practices" have been in effect for a long time:

1985-1995= 10yrs of unproportional and evolutuionary development. True enough, the practicallity of IT essentially mothered the creation of cyber exsistance.

Of course, D.O.D was the father and the the "common end-user", the sorugate parent, who must now rear its child with limitted parenting skills.

Tis not a matter of time, for I have more time than life. I've procreated, thus I am confident that my grand children will also have a place to thread.

What I feel v.s what I think so to me this issue is a matter of degree and strictly implied, my opinion.

"to enter into a binding aggrement"

Is there a contractual obligation that perhaps I overlooked? Well I am a bit past 40 and my eyes are not what they used to be...

"To err is human". Especially in grammar. If in fact, there is a clause in the licensing agreement that waives my constitutional rights in any way shape or form, I do believe that the error would not lie on my side, but reather on the editor of that binding document.

Never the less, the matter has not been presented or filed much less moved toward adjudication in any fourm.


If the issue rose to such levels, would there be a proper legal arena, or would it become an international ward?

Jurisdisctional issues would be amplified, due to the "far reaching breach of trust".

The webb so intricately woven, has one major weakness, it will not survive nor continue to evolve, lest we accept it as a global aparatus with its own global, possitive and negative implications.

"The common delusion". Beautiful. "Common", so not propriatary, "Delussion", so propriatary thus oximorons.

In this corner, Mike Tyson, in the other corner his wife. Duhh... Whose the moron?

["Where do you want to go today"].
Internet and privacy. [Does "public domain" ring a bell].

Federally speaking does Miranda ring a bell? One may not remain silent of inappropiate deeds wether legal or otherwise when "big broher" is monitoring for daddy. On with annologies, public restrooms do not necessarily provide a resting place do they ? They are public but the developers may not put webcams in them nor can they monitor your droppings much less ask you to get of the stool to take samples and compile a report for their research.

Three is a killer, especially for carnivores.
I don't get it?

Warning!.., warning!... warning!... unbalanced load in right and left hemispheres.


sophisticated firewalls and developing code or personal web browser may very well provide personal satisfaction, which in turn could also tempt me to become just another one of those Gatestines, or Ciscostines, worse yet end up a very lonely webb freak with only myself browsing my own private web.

tossing a couple stones towards AOL et al.

Personally, I would like to believe that web issues concern and to some extent mandate attention from the global community as a whole.

"Billy boy", may very well be the big wolf or the top cainine as far as any one at my levele is concerned. But there again, he used to be a little chiuahua back in the Blue days.


As previously stated on some of these threads, I own a fair amount of MSoft stock,

Smart man.

"info is submitted to MSoft when doing a Windows Update".

2000 mentioned that particular section which is relative to lawful and binding contracts, read and signed.

I agree.. and also support that sort of interactive relationship with the industry. All that is very pertinent, relevant, and well intended. And for the most part I also believe that it is a must, that in so doing we fulfill our flial duty to our own personal pride and desire to raise this cyber-child in the most productive and compliant manner. But to over look or turn deaf ears to potential deterants that may very well run the whole enterprise astray, is to...

fall in cadance with that which has reduced values and or principles, not to mention the lack of courage or at the very least determination to say or contribute toward a better tomorrow for future gens to come.

After all, this is only the begining, AI is on its way, out of the closet that is..... Now, that one is going to be one naughty, naughty child, and I hope for our gender's sake that if is going to have divided cormosom factors, x/y+BI=?? that they study division really good right before that switch is flipped.


Practice will not make you perfect....

but it will sure get you closer.

Kind regards to all who, in one way or another contribute to this here fine domain.
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"With respect to technical information you provide to Microsoft as part of the Support Services, Microsoft may use such information for its business purposes, including for product support and development".


Define "technical information" and "private information" under the terms of the License Agreement.

'Bytes sent'. Precisely what is a byte? Was an unlawful search conducted(?), your rights violated?

Eliciting corporate change with continued participation in a binding agreement. Added >to my funny list.

"Parenting cyber child"... the opposite of law. Keep your parenting skills to yourself.

If Mircosofts software has reduced your values or principals why continue use. Do as I say, not as I do. This is your legacy. It's worn and thin.
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Sorry, but I hate to disagree again. When it comes to the net Billie boy is still a wanna be. He wishes he were the top dog of http. The biggest providers of information suckers are using Unix, Linux, and Apache. All of which Bill would love to see burn in ...

Know your enemy and when it comes to cyber security think of the big MS this way; "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

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