Hard Drive.....


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Hard Drive.....

I just built a new computer using some old parts (Hard Drive, ZIP Drive, Floppy) and some new parts (case, mobo, memory, CD-Drives). When I plugged my HD in though, there was no power going to it. To make a long story short it had to do w/ something in my car, either my subwoofers or the bumpy roads.... anyways... no power going to it. I bought a new HD and Ive been using my new comp for a couple of months now. My question is this:

If I was to check out another HD for a friend, what would be the best way to do that?

First, I want to see if it runs, so all I have to plug it in and see if it is on.

Second I want to see if it works, but Im not sure if I can plug it in as another HD or just unplug my existing HD and replace it w/ this one. The only thing Im catious about is that I dont want to mess up my BIOS settings, because I didnt do them. Can anyone help? It would be much appreciated.

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The easiest to check out the drive for a new user is to install the drive in your machine, fdisk, format and then run a complete scandisk(win9x) or chkdsk (NT&XP) on the drive. This will both check the functionality AND test each sector on the drive. Before giving it to your friend to install make sure you fdisk the drive again and wipe out all the partions on it. That way he has a clean drive to work with.
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If you're just testing to see if it works an if you can read existing data then all you really need to be concerned with is IDE cables and master/slave settings. Most computers have 2 IDE ports on the motherboard and each IDE port can support 2 drives; a master and a slave. So, when you plug in a new HD just make sure you follow those rules and that all the jumpers are corrrect. However, what I usually do is disconnect the secondary IDE cable and hook the test drive up with another IDE cable to the secondary IDE port so that I don't have to worry about it.

If the drive is aleady formated you shouldn't have to worry about fdisk. In Win2000 or XP you will have to go to drive management to assign letter to the drive to browse it.
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Cool Virus

[size=4] Make sure you have antivirus running if you plug a second used drive into your system. [/size]

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