USB Port


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USB Port

I have two(2) USB ports at the back of my tower. I recently added a scanner, however, it is not recognizing this new hardware. It is telling me, among common sense things(every thing plugged to power, etc.) that my trouble maybe my interface card. It there an easy way to test these ports for continuity to device? short of taking it to the bench(computer doctor). Thanks all, Rae
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USB port test [at least for Win98]
Win98CD >Tools >Reskit >Diagnose
DC > usbview.exe
run once for each port with a working device attached.

IF Win & fat vol. install
Success or failure if attemted
See Version Resource Kit
End if
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Cool Hub

[size=3] Get a USB HUB! You will never regret it!!! [/size]
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Thumbs up A powered USB Hub

I agree 110% with Big Mike, by all means get a USB hub & forget all those USB problems for once and for all.

Mine is a Belkin 4 port powered Hub, cost $25.00 the best investment I could have made for Scanner, ZIP drive & Printer.

Now I can rely on my USB hardware all the time, there may be other ways to do it, but this did it for $25.00 & no more troubles.

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USB Hub!

Definitely the way to go. I had 2 usb ports on my system, too. They conflicted constantly. I picked up a 4 port usb hub and haven't had a problem with my network (USB), camera (USB), or printer (USB) since. Before, all kinds of reboots, and unrecognized hardware. Printer would kick in, lose network, reboot and gain network, lose camera cable. every reboot would cause the system to recognize a "new" piece of plug and play which was one of the above.

Attached the USB hub and haven't had a problem yet. Very simple solution to a frustrating problem.

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Thanks All. USB Hub, here I come!

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