Norton anti-virus won't Install


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Question Norton anti-virus won't Install

Hi guys Another problem! I have Norton anti-virus 2002, I have had in in my computer for about 7 months,yesterday i turned on the computer an i got a mess. sayin (unable to intialize the virus engine database files. its also had in the options part (autoprotect-error---Full scan--not complete--virus def--error
I uninstalled the norton anti-virus, and reinstalled it. before i did that i ran a defrag and a disc scan, everthing was fine. When i restarted the computer like it said. the message said again (unable to intialize the virus engine database so on an so on. It also said somewhere else (Norton was unable to scan your computer for infections, The virus scan has failed because definitions could not be loaded. I got all the updates installed but nothing. What's my problem? I have a Gateway 950 select with ME. an internet explorer 6
If anybody know, Talk slowly so I can understand! If you need to know anything else that will help you,let me know.
Thank; Gary M
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IT's working now!

Hi Guys, Well it's now. I did not do anything! I did get an anti-virus update about 2 hour after i posted this question. I did not bother to see if it fixed it at the time, I turned on the computer on a little later in the day,an everything is back to normal.
Sorry for taking up your webspace,but i thought i did something wrong (again)
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Cool Welllll...

I would say it had something expire. Did it try to connect to the net at any time and did you let it? You mentioned updateing so evidently whatever expired re-pired
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im not trying to scare you but there are a few virus's that disable the virus scanner.....its a long shot but possable that this was caused by one of them.
whenever i have concerns about my virus scanner i double check my scanner by running these scans

there is a link to a online scan on the home page
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Still workin fine

Hi guys. I did what you said, went to housecall anti-virus website an did a full scan. I got a email from them sayin my computer was virus free. I also checked for update on the norton anti-virus website, found none, and did a full scan of my computer. It did not find any viruses. So i quess everything is back to normal.
But very much thank's for the concern.

Thank's again Gary M.
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Cool Word...

[size=4] One word... WindoZe... [/size]

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