ATI 7500 prob (no sound)

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ATI 7500 prob (no sound)

Custom Built comp:

AMD XP 1800 CPU and Motherboard Combo ECS K7S5A
256 mb DDR
SoundBlaster Live!
60 GIG Maxtor HD
100 ZIP

I just went out and bought ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500

I have a SoundBlaster Live! card that was previously installed w/ my old vid card (NVIDIA 64 mb somethingorother)

I uninstalled my old vid card and installed my new one. Well it somehow banished my sound card off of my computer, cuz its not being recognized anymore. I dont have the sound card install disc, cuz I bought this sound card from a friend.

Whats a good solution here guys? I appreciate the help!
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For the Soundblaster card you shouln't need a driver. XP should already have it.

So is the sound card not showing up in device manager? Also, is this the ATI card with the built in video capture and cable tuner built in? If so, you may need to do some research at ATI's website. You will also need to run the windows update because ATI had to make some adjustments to their XP drivers from their original shipping drivers. My guess is that the problem is that the ATI card also deals with audio and video so there is a driver conflict. If the SB card is not showing up at all in Device Manager try reseating both cards in different PCI slots.

On the off chance this is a MB with an ISA slot and the SB card is ISA then you need a new sound card.
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This is a classic driver problem. You may have some trouble with XP/Radeon/Blaster becasue of it being a new OS and everyone is still trying to play catch up. Also check with Creative for new drivers etc. Best have a broadband connection because Liveware is huge. The Radeon (I run a 7000) is also huge and just found/installed updates dated 7/13/02.

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