XP and 98 software


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XP and 98 software

I have a new computer with that has XP home.
My question is I bought a digtial camera that was made in I think 99 and all the software for it is windows 95 or 98.Can I still use the software that came with the camera?I tried using a game disk for a card game and It did not come up like it did in windows 98.In windows 98 it would play as soon as I put it in the slot on XP I get a bunch of windows.Please I dont know that much about computers so keep the High tec lingo to a laymans terms.I have lots of other stuff like flight simulator made for windows 98 I really dont want to pitch it.
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i still have 98, but had the guys on the forums explain to me why they have more than one operating system on their computer. i believe this is the reason why.

kind of like a playstation one and two. ps 2 plays ps one games (poorly), but wil play ps2 games and dvd's. ps one just plays ps one games. so to be able to play everything correctly, two systems.

(forgive the playstation analogy, my kids have them so I can the only other thing i know to compare it to).

what for posts, however, these guys may be able to get you set up and running.

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you'll get your answers on a software-by-software basis here.

i just upgraded to XP, and some of my 98 software worked just FINE, others gave errors, but i downloaded and installed patches, and some just didn't go.

so, i say just give 'em a shot! you'll know if it's not going to work.

that's just what i did, and it worked out fine for me, didn't have to spend any $$$ for the stuff i really wanted.
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You may also try to have XP emulate win98 and see what that does for you.

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this computer never had windows 98

I bought the computer with the XP program installed.I have no idea on how to emulate windows 98.
Can I also install windows 98 and have XP at the same time?It seems that each one takes up quite a bit of space.I have a 1.7ghz with a 40GB hard drive with 256 MB memory.I really dont know that much on computers I just use them for web surfing making cds and selling stuff on E Bay that is why I need the camera to work.I have a sony camera that uses a floppy but I would like to use the casio as a backup
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in your case, a 40 gig hard drive is probably more than you will ever use.

Yes you can have both at the same time. My p3 450 mghz has win xp and win 98 second edition. When you start the comp up it gives you a menu, and you can choose which one you want. The trick is getting ahold of win 98. The proper way to do it would be to "purchase" a copy .

Installing is a piece of cake. if you go this route, I could walk you through it step by step.

If you don't want to go through all that trouble, go to the web site of the company that made the program/game you are trying to install on xp, and go to the drivers section on their web site, and see if they have made some updated drivers to work with win xp. Some may, some may not.

The whole micro soft scandel is that they get their kicks off when someone purchases a new operating system/computer and the person has to buy all new programs for it, why do you think they are a money hungry greedy profitable empire?

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