How many screws per board?

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How many screws per board?

Getting ready to build a new deck and have heard some people using 3 screws per board and others 2. Will be using 5/4 decking. Also has anyone used the quick set concrete on their posts? I have heard of people putting in the concrete dry and letting the ground moisture set up the concrete, but I am using tall posts so we can put a roof over deck, any thoughts on that? Thanks.
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I like 2 screws myself, 3 just seems overkill. I've never used pressure treated decking (only Cedar and Trex), but I hear it can move around on you due to the weather changes.

I put my Cedar deck down about 4-5 yrs ago, butted everything up nice and tight without leaving any gaps, and it's spaced out just right on its own over time. Whatever you do, if you're using pressure treated, don't space too much, you'll regret it down the road because it's gonna open up all on it's own.
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I have used quick set for forming footings. Its not much difference from regular mix in the wheelbarrow type but it doesnt smooth out so nicely although who looks at the top of your footings ( except me everytime i notice how unsmooth it is) so my advice is buy the 5000 psi quickrete and never look back. leave the quick set for mailboxes not footings. I added 1 gallon of water per bag of quick set fyi. I space PT 5/4 using a 8d spiral shank nail. Small enough spaces to let dirt and stuff through but anything larger is unsighlty when the boards shrink.

Hope this helps--Josh

PS i use 2 screws or in the past nails. 3 is pushing near the edge and 5/4 has a tendency to develop a slight cup then youre asking for a split.
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I have to agree, two screws are adequate on flooring and with the cost of deck screws what they are the savings are another plus. Another thing... I've heard the argument both ways but on 5/4 I try to turn the growth rings down unless that turns a bad side up. I don't know that is really important with screws as nails but if you worked with my dad ya just did it that way.
A thought on spacing flooring boards... when deck is under a tree I space just a bit more than usual, even on boards I know will shrink a bit, to allow more area for falling debris from tree.

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