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I am building a deck behind my house. Unfortunately the previous owner (who had the house built) used very unclean fill and construction debris for most of the yard in back. Because of this it is nearly impossible to dig any substantial holes without machinary. If I use extra heavy beams what is the fewest amount of support posts I can get away with? I am going to cement them into the ground and the deck will be approx. 8 feet by 12 feet.
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deck posts?


Since it sounds like this detached, I would recommend a minimum of 6 posts - it is possible to use 4 but I like a deck that has no bounce and deflection is possible with less depending on your beams.

Good Luck with the holes!
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Yeah, I hate decks that don't feel secure. I am not going to skimp on the beams (forgive me if I use the wrong terminology, I'm a nurse by trade). I will put as many as possible, but I did a couple of test digs and come up with all sorts of debris. Cinder blocks, boulders, lumber, pave stones, etc. If I am severly restricted in the number of posts, I will invistigate using a steet beam or two for added regidity. Also for me to factor in , I have large and very large inlaws!
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OOPS! soory for the typo, that should be rigidity. Don't want anyone thinking I'm an idiot nurse.
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I would personally look into the 4 post minimum. Digging footings is never a pleasure in my experience. If you only use 4 be sure to size them accordingly ie going to 12" piers and 6x6 posts. As for the beam I would use triple 2x10s with 1/2 cdx in between nailed in a W pattern up and down the board. If your feeling really adventerous get some 2 part weatherproof epoxy and use it to laminate the plywood to the 2xs. Plywood is much more rigid than dimensional lumber and this beam construction is bullet proof. No sag no muss no fuss. Less footings.

Hope this helps-Josh

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