weed control under deck


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Question weed control under deck

What is the best way to control grass and weeds under a deck? Do I need to put down screenings or will something else work better?
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I have three decks, and I kill the weeds out with weed killer.
You can put down plastic or ground cover made for the purpose, if you want.
Good Luck!
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Originally posted by OldGuy
I have three decks, and I kill the weeds out with weed killer.
You can put down plastic or ground cover made for the purpose, if you want.
Good Luck!
Thanks OldGuy... I kinda figured that was best, but it's always good to ask.
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So do you just shoot Roundup at the weeds as they come up through the surface of the deck? Could this harm the finish? My deck (whenever I decide to build it) will only be 1-3 feet off the ground, so getting underneath it is not an option.
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I was going to put plastic and stone under my deck before i installed the decking and joists, however, procrastination got the best of me and I never did it. Deck was completed last fall, and I have not had ANY weeds growing underneath the deck. Deck is about 3 feet off of the ground and has a mostly west (west northwest) exposure.
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I think you'd be fine even if you don't put anything down. I've got a family member who's deck was built by their homebuilder. The builder just threw some landscaping rock under the deck and left it at that. 10 years later, they've got a few weeds that pop up each year and annoy them, but nothing that spraying or crawling under the deck won't kill. They live in Ohio, where weeds are especially abundant.

I live in CO, where weeds aren't as bad. However, portions of my deck are very low to the ground, and I don't want to have to remove my lattice skirting each time I get a weed. Therefore, I laid overlapping pieces of const. grade landscape fabric over the dirt under the deck, then put about 4 inches of rock on top of it. It took a lot of effor to move enough rock to cover 300 sq. ft, but I know for certain I won't be seeing any plant life under that deck!!
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6 mil black poly. lots of landscape staples. Toss some rock here and there to keep it from blowing away when the staples are shot. works a charm.


PS if any excavating contractors tell you that you "dont need" poly put down under a stone parking lot... fire them on the spot! ..ah to go back in time...with a gun.
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Weed Control

Hey there,

I have another option which you may want to consider here.

Go to your local garden center and they should carry a soil sterilizer of some sort. It's usually about $20.00 for a half gallon bottle, and what it does is it gets rid of all the organic plant nutrients in the soil. Spray this on fairly heavily and you will have no further problems.

BE CAREFUL THOUGH, as if any of this gets into a flower bed or garden in the area (ie. runoff or overspray) it will kill everything in your flower bed, and replacing the plants won't work, as you will have to dig out a foot and a half to two feet of soil and replace it with fresh soil.

Using a landscape fabric is also an option, but if you go this route make sure to spend the extra bucks and get the vinyl laced stuff (looks a little like burlap but black) rather than the cheap plastic stuff, as almost anything can poke a root through that stuff.

Take care and good luck,

Andrew Macintosh
Sea to Sky Landscaping Services
Vancouver, BC
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Thanks to all who responded!!!

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