beam spacing for a deck remodel

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beam spacing for a deck remodel

I am remodeling a patio area with an existing deck above it (28' x12'). The deck currently has a hot tub on it, but i decided to move it below the deck to the patio i am finishing. Problem is i need to move some posts to accomodate where i want to place the hot tub. The deck has 2x6 decking on 2x10 treated joists that are 16" oc. There is a ledger on the house with 4x12 beams located 4 feet from the ledged and 10 feet from the ledger. THere is an additional beam under the hot tub portion at approximately 7 feet from the leger. Beams are supported by 4x6 posts located 7' apart under the hot tub, but then span 20' to the far corner of the deck. Please see the attached picture.

My question is...Can I remove the 4' beam and the 7' beam and just have a beam at 10' and the ledger? I am concerned about the 20 beam span. Can i safely span 10' with 2x10 joists at 16"oc?

Thanks for any help.

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I cant seem to get the picture attachment to work. I would be happy to e-mail if anyone is interested enough to help.
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My suggestion would be to check with your local building department. I think that the beam that is 7' out could definitely go, but not to sure about the 4' one. Is it running the entire 28'?

My deck is 12 feet away from the house and has only one beam that is about 11' ft from the house. The other end is thru bolted into the rim joist of the house.

More and more the buliding codes are going to a policy of having 'floating' decks with no hard connection to the side of the house.
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i would say you can safely span 16' with a 2x10 on 16s. if you block the centers. 10 feet isnt that far. Are you sure you want to take out all these fine beams though?

Hope this helps-Josh

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