Attaching a Leger Board for a Deck


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I am wanting to attach a ledger board to a brick house. My question is should I use lag bolts with lead shields and connect it directly to the brick or should I use lag bolts only and attach it to the rim joist through the bricks?
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Rim joist only.
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Through the brickwork and into the house band joist.
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Yes, the ledger board must be fastened to through the brick
and into the rim joist of the house. However you have at
least two slight problems to resolve: Usually there is a
little air space between the face brick and the house wall
and therefore you will have to be carefull that when you
tighten up the deck ledger board to the house rim joist you
do not crack the brick joints. The other greater problem
that you will have to resolve is that you must insert a
flashing into the brick and over the new deck ledger board
so that you do not get water down betweens the brick and
the house wall.

Another way and perhaps better way is not to fasten the
ledger board to the house at all. When you build the deck,
install supports posts or foundation supports next to the
house and build the deck without fastening it to the house.
(Don't fasten the railing to the house either.) This way
the deck will be next to the house but you will not have to
penetrate the brick at all. This will reduce the chances
of getting moisture between the brick and the house sheathing.
This method is also done when there is stucco on a house.

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