To attach or not to attach?


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I ma having a deck built and it has come down to two deck builders. One attaches to the house, one doesn't. We are on a slab foundation in Indiana. The guy who doesn't attach to the house says it will prevent cracks in the foundation and water coming into the house. The second (who attaches to the house) says attaching to the foundation is best due to shifting of the house and deck. We are confused...what should we do?
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There are two ways two build decks. those that are attached, and those that are not.
This decision is up to the home builder. You
happen to have two different types of contractors. One attaches, the other does not. I build mine either way. what ever the home owner wants. both ways are ok. But, do not buy the shifting home story. This is an old line of a sales pitch. How much has your home shifted in the last few years. The answer is none. If this kind of shifting occured, all of the homes in your neighborhood would be moving. We finished a deck yesterday, where the owner was very strong about not attaching it to thier house, so we did not. Happy Owner. Good Luck

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Is there any difference in what they quoted in the price? Is this matching apples to apples other than the attachment question?

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