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I have an older house and am in the process of remodeling. The rear door that leads to the deck often sticks. Several years ago we had to replace the deck. When I disconnected the deck from the house the door worked fine. I've since rebuilt the deck and re-connected it to the house. The door started sticking again. The deck is 12' wide. 8' from the house are 4"X4" posts with double 12"x12" supports(one on each side of the 4X4s). Would it make sense to disconnect the deck from teh house and have the deck instead rest on 12"x12"s connected to 4x4 posts? This would basically make the deck free standing with the only connection to the house being one board.
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Luke: Sounds like a good plan. We build alot of decks, and very seldom do we ever attach them to a house. Also recently have noticed Insurance Co's not allowing decks attached to houses. I guess it veries with insurance co.'s. Good Luck

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Luke, check with your local bldg. dept. Either way is acceptable, usually, but if you attach the deck to the house, they may require that it be through-bolted through the rim joist, not just lag bolted into it.

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