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I am installing a 2o' x 20' deck. would 2" x8" x 20' joist be adequate?
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First, ask your local building inspections dept. You probably will be told that you need an additional saddle beam near the middle of the span (as well as one on the far end away from the house).

Putting in two saddle beams is OK--- but remember that you will have to dig all the extra holes, (pour the concrete etc.) for these posts and then have to live with these additioal posts that are 'in the way' under your deck.(That is, if the deck is high)
Is your concern in using 2x8s price? or head clearance for an entrance under the deck?

If it is price,weigh the extra costs of labor,posts, beam, inconvenience versus a larger size joist... I would GO "BEEFY" on these joists and skip the center beam if it is a high (8') deck. The last thing you want is to walk on a 'bouncy' deck...especially one this large--or live with extra posts that will always be there...

If your concern is headroom for a door below the deck to swing open,you can notch the joists / ledger and build-up around these notches for additional strength. Consult with your local Inspections Dept.for help on this.

However, if your project is just a few feet off the ground (where post placement is not a critical issue) and you don't have to "dig to China" to get below the frost line...
2x8s with an additional center support beam will work.
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Yes, the simple answer to your question is yes. After you have installed your 2x8's at the house end and the other end. Take some 4x4's, and set them up at 10 feet, cut to lenght, and set the 4x4's on a 2" concrete pad (sold at most stores) or pier blocks, and them bolt cross members of 2x6'x cross wise up against the bottom of the 2x8's. this will keep the deck stable and from being spongy. Good Luck Jack the Contractor

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