How to allow light through deck


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I have a deck on the main floor of my home, and also a full basement below with living and bedrooms and many windows. The problem is that the deck blocks out most of the light to the lower floors (the windows are below the deck). I would like to tear up the existing 2x6 boards and put down narrower boards with perhaps 1/2" spaces between. Is this recommended or does anyone know of an alternative material that will let some light pass through? Thanks,

--Jeff [email protected]
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A. 1/2" spaces in a deck don't go well with ladies' high heels, and would NOT give you much more light.
B. It would be FAR less expensive just to add some outdoor lighting under the deck, than to rebuild it. Good Luck!
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The ladies in my area of rural Vermont don't wear high heels much.
What I really want is natural light to filter through to the lower level.
What if I go to something smaller like 3x2 with 1/2" spaces? Thanks, -- Jeff
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2x6 or 5/4 x 6 are the narrowest "recommended" natural materials for decking. If you use 2x4 they may not be strong enough in the relatively short run.

I would recommend that you add artificial light rather than create a safety problem.

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I have to agree with Old Guy and MTAC. Install electric lites, rather than overspacing the deck boards. It's a safety issue. How much light would you gain with a 1/2" gap between 2X6's anyway?? The lattice covers I install have lattice tubes that are 1-1/2" square and spaced 1-1/2" apart. That arrangement allows for 50% shade, WHEN THE SUN IS DIRECTLY OVERHEAD. Otherwise, It's less. a 1/2" gap between 2X6's works out to a MAXIMUM of 8% lite, and a MINIMUM 92% shade. You wouldn't notice the difference!!

Now, if you REALLY want natural light, and REALLY want to be able to see that you have it, install mirrors to reflect the sunlite under the deck!!

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