Fiberon Experience?

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Fiberon Experience?

I am just about to have my deck built and my contractor is asking what material I want, originally I was just going to have them use pressure treated wood but now I am thinking about using a composite. Anyone have or install Fiberon decking? Just looking for some real world comments on the the product and what you like/dislike about it.
My brother recently installed a Trex deck and it is not too bad, only problem is the cost is way more than I want to spend. It seems like the Fiberon product is priced in between and the warranty is similar to what Trex has to offer.

The material information can be found here:

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Funny you mention your brother with Trex and you thinking about Fiberon.

I put down Trex last year and my brother put down Fiberon. The Fiberon didn't seem as soft as the Trex, harder to cut. I may be biased because I have Trex, but I didn't care for the Fiberon. It just didn't seem as good a product. I was looking at my brothers Fiberon last week and it looks like it isn't wearing all that well.

My Trex is about a year old now and I just today pressure washed it for the first time to remove some winter dirt. Came clean easily and looks as good as new.

Personally I prefer real wood like Cedar or Redwood. I would never use pressure treated decking when there are much better woods and composites available. Like most things, you get what you pay for!
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I've never installed Fiberon, but the reason that MeffaDawg noticed that it is harder to cut than Trex is because it has a higher plastic (PE) content.

I've never been asked to install a P.T. deck, except by my Dad (He lived in WA, where redwood simply isn't available, and that was long before Trex or any other composite existed.) Like MeffaDawg said, why use P.T. now that there are so many better choices??
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sorry, but how about cost?? Pretty good reason to me. I realize the cost of maintainance will probably catch up sooner or later, but sometimes later is all you can afford. Sometimes the budget says PT deck or no deck at all. Also about maintainance my parents built a PT deck about oh 20 yrs ago and literally haven't touched it (as far as maintainence) and use it every day. There it stands, just like day one. So for some people PT isn't so bad.

It's like saying I can't see any reason why someone would pay 3-4 times more money for virtually the same structure.
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The Fiberon my brother bought was the same price as my Trex.

You could certainly user Pressure Treated decking, it just isn't as nice as say Cedar, Redwood, etc....... It'll no doubt be there in 20 years, but will be more susceptible to checking/twisting/splintering and so forth.

My Cedar decking is smooth and soft and I don't have to worry as much about splinters. PT, especially if it hasn't been maintained will splinter much more and can be nasty on bare feet. And now you're dealing with splinters with chemicals like arsenic, though they say the new ACQ isn't as bad.

In the end, I agree that you can only buy what your budget dictates. I'm the type of person that just won't take on a project and use materials that I'm not happy with, it's just the way I am. As long as you're happy, to each his/her own!
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On average the Fiberon was about $5-6 less per 16 foot board when I priced it out, roughly 18 a board while Trex is about 25. The deck that was on my house when I purchased it was in horrible shape, it was only 6 years old (PT and screwed down) and my guess is the owner never took care of it. The sun bakes the entire deck for the whole day and I would assume this has alot to do with the durability of the wood, especially if it is not treated and maintained.

I have to decide this week what material to use, we looked at Cedar and about 13 composites up close this past weekend - going to be a tough decision. Most of the products we looked at only had a 10 year warranty so IMO it is hard to justify the added cost, the prices for most were right in line with Trex and they all advertise themselves as being the best material around.

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hey mike report back and let us know what material you finally decide on
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What did you end up using?

Hey Mike!

I was talking to my contractor about Gossen and he went ahead and got Fiberon instead. Did you end up using it? If so, how has it been for you?

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Girl, you are beating a 9 year old horse. No one in the thread is active. Check the dates of the posts. If you need help with a project start a new thread and let us help you.

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