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Question So Not Handy

I know doodley squat about building things. I wanted to get my siblings to help me "throw together" a little porch. I know I'll be needing something about 12' wide by 15' long and 4' tall. The only thing I have in mind, though, includes a Lowe's or Home Depot, posthole diggers, and a credit card. How do I go from a dream to a deck?
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The power is in a book. :)

Go and get yourself this book:

Building a Deck: Expert Advice from Start to Finish (Taunton's Build Like a Pro)
by Scott Schuttner
ISBN: 1561584797

And you'll be on your way. (With some help from this forum.) :-)

Good Luck,

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Making A Dream A Reality.

i can't type well but can build well call me lot's of variables need to go over with you. I will have your confidence on a new high in 10 minutes."don't think so hard/keep it simple". all you need for tool's are quick crete,#3 decking screws,screwgun,4ft level,shovel,skillsaw,ladder possible if u want an awning,and a tape,a friend>lol,and some sting and i'll tell u how to get square of your house or anything using the 6 8 10 method or 3 4 5 method & from there it's all simple. "trust me" material wise roughly you'll need 8-2x6 for bottom and top band and floor joist will require more how many depends whether you use 16 in centers or 2ft centers,decking boards,2x4's,a 2x10 for your steps etc ... some 4x4 posts,and on your hand rails your pony studs should be no farther than 4 inches apart by code in arkansas anyway.good day.
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