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Question Joists, Posts, Beams Help

Looking at replacing the deck on the front of our home. We currently have a 26'X6' foot deck across the front of our home and we are wanting to replace it with a 26'X8' deck with an additional 5'X8' wings on each end. Kind of confusing I know but our home is built with a prow front which extends 1' forward in the center hence the current 26'X'6 deck. Currently I plan on needing 36' feet of beam supported every 6' with 4X4s. I plan on using 2X8X8 joists spaced 16' off center and finally using 2X6 decking. One of my major concerns is the supports for the beam. Just looking for the smartest way to purchase the lumber to Accomplish the task. All help is appreciated.
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Your post is a little confusing. You stated that your were planning on supporting the beam with 4x4 posts at 6 ft. spacing, but then state that is one of your concerns. You seem to have a good approach to the posts supporting the beam, so do you have a concern about the construction of the beam? If you do, double up 2x8's should be fine. I assume that ypu are hanging the joists on a ledger board at the house.
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Game plan is as follows. I plan on constructing a 4x8x36' beam out of 2x8x18s in order to place the joint directly center of the deck. I plan on supporting the beam with 5 4x4 posts spaced 9' apart across the front of the deck with the rear being attached to the house with a ledger board. The deck will extend 5 foot beyond the house on both ends. The 36' beam will support the front but the ledger will only cover 26' so I plan on using 4x8x5' supported with 2 4x4 posts on each end at the rear of the deck. The reason for the initial confusion was the home center planned on using 4x8x12 beams with only 5 supports. This would have left the joints completely unsupported unless I opted to use 7 supports as opposed to 5. I am all for making sure the deck is complete but felt that 7 support posts across the front of the house was a little excessive. I could eliminate the need for 2 supports by using 4 2x8x18s instead of 3 4x8x12s. Hope this clears it up a little. Please let me know what you think. Thx for the response and again all help is greatly appreciated.
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You should be fine with that design. Because of the short depth of the deck, the beam and posts don't have to handle that much weight and 5 posts will work nicely.
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Good plan, but i would do my beam differently.

Instead of double 2X8's with one joint in the middle, I would stagger the joints. On pair of 2X8X18s would have their one joint over the center post. The other pair I would set one centered on the center post and cut the other one in half, using a half on each end of the beam.
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Thx for the help. Lefty Thx for the advice on the beam. Wish I would have thought of that. Your suggestion will provide me the exactly what I need. Our present deck was built like 2 seperate 6x13 foot decks with nothing attaching the two. Will definitely incorporate it into the design.
Thx again guys

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