4x4's twisting

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4x4's twisting

I started on my deck about a month ago. The first thing I did was set my post that help support my deck, but would also be used for the roof.

Now I am almost finish with the deck. And starting to work on the roof. I noticed yesterdaythat 2 of my 8 post are twisting at the top by about 30 degrees.

Question: Whats the best way to deal with this? Does anyone know a trick?
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Jeeze... 30 degrees!

I'm wondering if soaking and then using a come-along to try and twist it "right" wouldn't work.

The key is NOT to snap it. So what I'd do, is get it as saturated as you can, get something that can really get a grab of it, then get a GOOD come-along, secure the comealong to something that is NOT going to move and the other end to your post.

Give a few cranks and then wait a day --- you are NOT going to be able to get all 30 degrees back in one shot. Maybe 5-8 a day is more like it.

Once you're done, you're going to need to make DARN sure that you do something to keep it from returning to warp. But that's another story (brace, etc.)

This is just one thought. I'm sure there's a way to cut off the twisted part, and mount something on there... only I don't know the "correct way" to do that -- loads of pros here can tell you about that.

Good Luck.
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You could cut off the affected section and make a half lap joint with some new to continue the run. I would use 5/16" bolts to secure the lap. Lap about 8 inches.

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If the 4X4 twisted that much, you don't want to use the 4X4!

My first choice would be to replace the twisted ones. If that's not an option, then go with the half laps like chfite described. I wouldn't wastem my time trying to soak and untwist them. They'll just twist right back as they dry.
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Well I took some time off of my project because of the heat and thought about my problem.

My solution was to use a 2X8 and C clamps to twist these 4X4's back into square.

While that was clamped in place I screwed 2X6's on both sides of the 4X4's in pairs at the roof line height . Then I drilled a 3/8's through hole and installed galvanized 3/8's bolts and fender washers.

Once this was accomplished I removed the C clamped 2X8.

I just wanted to let y'all know what I did. So if any one else runs into this problem maybe they can use my solution.

Oh and by the way, the 4x4's are perfectly square now and rock solid too.

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