Stain and Seal My Deck?


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Stain and Seal My Deck?

I just moved into my house last october. The deck really needs to be stained and sealed badly! My question is what are some good products to buy to do this. Also what method is best, do I roll it on like paint, or get a sprayer to spray it on? Also in what order stain then seal? I looked on this website for instructions on how to do this and did not find any. If someone can help me out or point me to some instruction that would be great!

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i've been building decks for years, but untill i decided to stain my own deck i was clueless. what i discovered was that in general one coat is all that is needed. 2 coats tends to make it like a skating surface. i tried the bher product but didn't like it. i ended up useing a local sealer stain, oil base product, i used a roller to apply it, i have seen it applied w/ a pump up sprayer. i used a cleaner product made for tp lumber, i read that bleach is not good for bare wood. follow directions & use a hose to rinse deck. used a wire brush & scraper to remove paint spots. hope this helps.
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Re: Stain and Seal My Deck?

Was wondering, do you know what type of wood your deck was constructed with?

The deck stain/sealer had always been the same product in every brand I've ever used. There may be deck stains/sealers that do it differently but if so I've never used them. If you spray it on you'll need to brush or roll behind it to make sure you have it evenly applied and try not to overlap areas when applying the stain. Unless you have a small deck this works best as a two person operation. One to spray on the finish and another to follow behind spreading the stain.

Sprinkle some water on your deck in various areas to insure it is not repelling water. If it won't soak up water readily neither will it absorb your stain. You may want to use a stripper & brightner to remove the old stain and clean/restore the wood before restaining.

As for what finish to buy... well that's something that's going to take a bit of investigation. With any outdoor stain if your deck gets lots of sun then you will need to be keenly aware of UV protection and if it is under the shade nearly all the time like mine I'm having to fight mildew. Fortunately there are many brands of quality stains/sealers that do both.

You'll find stains usually fall in three categories... Clear, Semi-transparent & Solid. On the flat surfaces, as a general rule clear will last about a year or if you're extremely fortunate two, semi-transparent 2-3yrs & solid stains 3-5 but this can vary depending on quality of stain used, proper preparation and application, amount of traffic (human & pets) on the deck, weather, maintenance, etc. Clear is exactly what the name implies, a clear finish on the wood usually with a slight amber tone. Semi-transparent adds color but leaves the grains of the wood visible and solid will be similar to a paint in that it will hide the grain as well as color the wood.

I used Olympic Maximum Semi-transparent Redwood stain on my last deck but there are several brands that do just as well. I had used it before on decks and have been pleased. If you'd like to see the results check the link below. The best advise I can give is to read and follow the stain manufacture's instructions, what works great for one brand will sometime be different for another. There is no one brand that everyone likes. Some are easier to prep for and apply than others but for any brand you mention there will be someone, diy'er or pro, that has a beef against it. Again read and follow the instructions for whatever brand you choose to go with... I can't stress that enough.

Once you get an idea in your mind what you want in a stain, get a scrap piece of your deck wood and bring it to the store and have them put a sample of the stains you're interested in on it so you can see exactly how it will look. DON'T DEPEND ON THE COLOR CHARTS IN THE STORE! If you are going to use a cleaner on the deck before staining be sure to clean the scrap piece with it as well. I took my sample board home and cut it at each color. This way I could lay it on my deck without the other colors interfering and I see what it was like and also how it matched with the house. Very glad I did, the color I originally liked on this deck both in the store and on my sample just did not seem to be what I wanted when I looked at it against my deck and house.

Good luck with everything and hope you get this worked out. Let me know what happens.

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