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4x4 post

Is there a way to add length to a post which you may have cut off a few inches short? I wasn't sure of the height of the bottom post so we went with what seemed about right and now i am hearing that maybe i cut it 3 or so inches short.
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If it were my project, I'd just bite the bullet and buy a new post. It just won't cost that much more, it will be done right, and you won't have to worry about what might go wrong in the future. Just my opinion.

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Re: 4x4 post

Roeboat, it is certainly possible to add to the post but I'd also replace and be done with it if possible. Not only will you not have to worry about it but if the joint is visible you advertise it to anyone seeing your finished effort. I'm assuming you anchored the post directly in concrete instead of concrete anchors but still only a bit of effort to get it up and reset a new post.

If you're already at a point where that is not feasable or just bound to use the post anyway there are connecting bracket extensions for 4x4 posts available but you may need to shorten the post even more so the eye holes in the bracket and corresponding bolt will have sufficient wood above them in the add on piece of post. Don't go too low though because mechanically, the further down the joint the greater the fulcrum effect to it by lateral forces not to mention the unsightliness of the bracket.

"I wasn't sure of the height of the bottom post so we went with what seemed about right..."
I'd think about that a bit before finishing the project. Not lecturing, ridiculing or poking fun because there's not a builder made that hasn't had to fix-up a few of his mistakes and I've certainly been guilty myself and have had a few of 'em reach around and bite me right on the @$$ as well.
Let us know...

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