Use of deck clip experiences please..

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Use of deck clip experiences please..


I'm looking for real world experience utilizing some form of deck clip or system that eliminates top deck surface fastener penetration. I don't want exposed screw heads, but am concerned with warpage or stability of the surface.

I have browsed the archives and searched the forum, but am looking for the most recent data possible.

I'll be choosing a composite, or more likely 2x6 cedar decking material. What options have you chosen?

Any feedback regarding the long term satisfaction of deck boards structure and appearance with deck clips would be greatly appreciated.

It will be roughly a 500 square foot deck. I'm building in progress now by me and my two buddies... Myself and I. I is a pain in the butt, but Myself works hard if you keep him fed.

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Hidden deck fasteners can provide superior performance to traditional nails and screws. The leading cause of deck rot is due to wood shrinkage, nail pops and moisture seepage through the holes. An excellent source of installation and handy tips can be found at:

Stainless steel fasteners should be used in areas subject to salty air and corrosion, such as coastal areas. In addition to providing a good bond, hidden deck fasteners provide a very clean, even appearance on the surface. There is no discoloration from aging of the fasteners or damage due to stray hammers or screw guns!

Generally, hidden deck fasteners are used on redwood or cedar decks. You should check with the manufacturers about using them for 5/4 cypress.

One disadvantage of hidden deck fasteners is potential difficulty of future repairs, particularly if access is limited under the deck. In your case, That won't be a problem. However, repair is less likely since rotting can be delayed versus traditional fastening systems that you don't like.

I want to inform everyone that Tiger Claw Deck Fasteners can be used on virtually any deck.

Tiger Claw Deck Fasteners can be used on soft to medium density woods, 5/4" to 2", composites or synthetics and the exotic hardwoods, i.e. ipe. These came out in 1999.

We have different manufacturers of fasteners, i.e. Eb-Ty, Deck Master, Simpson, Dec-Clip, Deck One, Tebo and Shadoe Track - each has it's limits and all but two can be installed from above. Tiger Claw does have the best holding power of all.

Regardless of the type of hidden deck fastener, there will be areas that require pre-drilling, face applications. This all takes time especially with hardwoods. Bear in mind that all deck fasteners require time to install as well. It is almost a dead heat in installation as special tools are required in all but three that I listed above. By far, Hidden Deck Fasteners enhance the appearance of the deck but if you ever need to replace a board then it may be another story. This is regarding the type of fastener used and if access is limited under the deck (if applicable to the fastener used). However, repair is less likely since rotting can be delayed versus traditional fastening systems

I hope this helps!
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Hidden Fasteners

A Hidden deck fastener I use on a regular basis is the Ipe Clip Fasteners. However I don't think its recommended for cedar or PT. I use it on all my ipe installation. If you want to check it out go to .
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I've used the Deckmaster system, and I have used Simpson DBT 1's.

The DBT 1's are easier to install -- no laying under the deck to attach the boards. The only face screws are on the first board you put into place -- although you can get around that too with an angle bracket at each joist, and screw it from underneath.

The end result gives you the same appearance -- NO FACE SCREWS!

Although Simpson says the DBT 1's can be used with 5/4 decking, I prefer not to. The top of the clip is is almost flush with the surface of the deck boards, and it shows. With 2X decking, it's far enough below the surface that you really don't see it unless you are looking for it.

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