Deck peeling (again)


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Angry Deck peeling (again)

Dh and I purchased a 6yr old home that had a wonderful deck with a solid stain that was peeling a lot. Deck was definitely built with lousy wood so we have slowly been changing rotted floor boards with pt lumber. Also should mention we live in NJ with no trees in back, so sun is a constant on deck.

Last summer we scrapped, powerwashed etc.. we even rented a floor sander because the floor was peeling so bad. Deck previously stained with solid "orange" color so we had to go with another solid deck stain. Can not recall the brand the previous owners used.

I know others that have a deck & have been very happy with semi-transparent stain from Behr. We choose a dark green from Behr. We only completed one coat of stain and watched it all winter to see what would happen....

Deck peeled awful again...even on the new bpards that were pt lumber! The worst part is the floor, the sides have not really peeled that much.

Yes the deck was totally dry when we did the stain. Most people who come over that are "deck savvy" can't figure it out. Our plan this summer to is continue to stain at least two full coats for deck, possible three coats for floor. We stained a matching storage chest (3 coats) and it did fine.

Any suggestions at this point/helpful hints?
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Did you use a latex product? If you are going to use a solid for the floor I would use a alklyd stain. Needless to say solid doesnt hold up on any deck due to foot traffic. I would use a semi on the deck and solid for the rails. If you want a solid color try a deck and porch polyurethane enamel for the floor. If not try a different brand with an alklyd vehicle, ( Behr has a poor reputation for durability)
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To add:

Any film based product, be it latex, alklyd, enamel, acrylic, or poly is going to peel on an outdoor horizontal wooden deck surface!!!!
I can guarantee it..
Film base products peel mainly due to the moisture which is absorbed by the wood, either from the bottom surface or wicking from the ends.

My suggestion -
Get out of Lowes/HD and go to a quality paint store.
Ask for a stripper that will remove your current peeling finish.
Find a toned oil base penetrating stain with uv protection and water repellancy. Penetrating oils will not peel, and will possibly last two or maybe three years.

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What Fred said -- get out of the big box stores. They have their place, and I use them. (I'll trade you HD bills ANY month!!)

But for techincal advise, turn to the pros at a paint store.
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You'll find someone knowlegable at times but not often. My best big box story happened a fews day ago. I was in HD getting some 1x6's and windows we were changing out and asked the young guy in tools if they had a large tape measure, at least 100 ft but preferably 200ft and I needed it to have metric on it as well. He asked me "What is a metric"?
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Thanks for the replys.
Just to clarify- #1 we could not use a semi-stain since it was already stained with solid dark orange color- the best we could do was sand it down smooth to stain again with a solid stain.

#2 we barely walked on deck since we stained in Fall and weather soon became it did not wear away- it was peeling in places that never got "touched/walked on"

We may look for another product to stain with.
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Obviously, moisture in the wood caused the solid (film based) finish to peel. Just as a house does due to moisture from within.

Oil penetrating stains won't peel.


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