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Unhappy Painted deck

We bought a new house that has a deck in the back that is attached partially to our house. The previous owners painted the deck and the rails white (I think that is how it might have been done after original instalation). The deck is now peeling pretty bad and we are looking for a sloution to make it better. To complicate the matters there is a huge pine tree that drips sap all over the deck, in one area where there has been a lot of sap dripping the pile is about 1/2 thick. What can we do to help out our deck!? Thank you.
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What are your plans with the deck ? Would you like to stain or repaint?
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I would LIKE to stain it, but I am concerned about the amount of time and money to do that. It is painted white right now, which means any bit of paint left will be very obvious and there is paint in between the boards on the deck. That is why I was curious about my options, because I really don't know what it would take to stain or paint.
Thanks for the response!
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Lightbulb Painted deck


There are a few things you can do to the deck to help it.

Option #1 is pressure wash it. You may be able to remove most of the paint with a pressure washer. Be carefull not to damage the wood by getting to close with the high pressure spray. Scrapeing and sanding is another option if you are going to stain getting all the paint off is a must. You can use stripper most are toxic so be carefull! Protective gear is a must (i.e. rubber gloves, safety glasses. kneepads.) They also can be very messy useing sheet plastic under the deck or a plastic throw away kiddie wadeing pool as a barrier not to let the stripper get into the soil is a must. Also a wet dry vac to get up the stripper and water from the rinse is possible but very time consumeing. Allow the wood to dry atleast 72 hours with no rain or water on it before applying stain and then seal it this will avoid rot and allow the boards to srink back to normal size.

Option #2 Scrape sand and paint it again with a high grade traffic paint. In my opinion people who paint beautifull wood should be lined up against the wall and shot! But this may be your only option due to the person before you who took the easy way out.

Living in Florida I understand your problem with sap, Pine trees are a pain! Unfortunately there only two cures to this problem. Cut the tree down. This is not a good solution. Or construct a roof over the patio which is more pleasnt but can be expensive if it is large. There are some canvas canopays that can look nice but also can look dorky. This all depends on your tastes and budget.

Hope this helps

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I dont know if you have done anything yet.
I just read your post.

There is a process called antiquing or pickling.
Depending on the wood, you may want to consider this.

In affect, you take wood, typically hardwood. You then use whitewash or watered paint, and spread in on the wood and then before it dries wipe it off again. This leave the paint in the grain. Then you stain and finish over it.

This gives the wood and aged look.

You might be able to do something like this.
Remove most of the paint with stripper.
Whitewash it, wipe the wet paint off.

Then finish is.

Depending on the wood, this may look very nice and uniques.

I suggest testing on a small section first.

As for your pine drip. trim the tree, use tree pitch to seal the hole
Have a tree inspector check the tree, trees dont jsut leak sap for no reason, you may have an investation.

You may also be able to deflect the sap with flashing.
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Thanks for the great advice! I hope sometime soon we will be able to pressure wash and investigate the condition of the wood. At least I have a better idea at what I am up against!
Thanks again.

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