deck post options???


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deck post options???

Would like different opinions on ways to build my deck foundations. I live in Canada where the frost line is 36". I don't want to reallly pour 4 feet of concrete so I am looking for alternative ways.
1.I have heard of 4 feet hole, pour 1 foot concrete foot and then put post in and back fill with stone. I am afraid of this way because if the post rises even one inch stone will fall under the post and it cannot be hammered back down.
2. Dig 4 foot hole put screening in bottom, put post in and then back fill with screening. Sounds good but wondering about base of post sinking into soil.

I am kind of thinking of 4 foot hole, pour 1 ft concrete footing and then back fill with screening that way it would be easier to hammer down if the post does heave. Any other ideas or suggestions Thanks
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If your municipality permits it, you could always use deck blocks or deck piers. Ive generally heard good things from people who have used them.

I thought if the frost line was 36" you only had to dig to the frost line for your footers(Im not a pro though, so I could be mistaken).

Even so if you do have to go 4 feet, I would just build forms and pour concrete in them. It's generally cheaper then using posts. The key is to have the concrete delivered, don't try mixing that yourself!

A 4 foot deep form with a 12x12x12 footer and 8" round/ 36" high tube is ~2 cu ft of concrete. If you got a yard of cement delivered you could get at least a dozen of those in place.
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If your footing only has to be 12" square, but the bottom of it has to be down 36", then just dig a 12" square hole that is 3' deep and fill it with concrete. Use a Simpson post case at the top of the wet concrete, and attach your post to that.

The idea is to NOT embed a wood post in the ground, or concrete, or rocks -- IT'LL ROT!!

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