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Planning to re paint outside deck. Pine boards have sap coming out of them. What do I need to do to prepare the boards to paint and to seal the sap area.
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Young Doctor

You have a few options as to removing the sap. If it is just a little sap rubbing alcohol works well. If it's in alot of areas you can use laquer thinner or quite a few other solvents. Do not use a oil base thinner like mineral spirits. You want to use a solvent that evaporates completely (i.e. acetone, laquer thinner, M.E.K. and such). Getting as much of the sap up and out of the wood is the key here. Sanding and feather the edges of the paint where you have removed paint and sap. The reason it is weeping is the board is srinking and sunlight makes the board warn so the sap seeps up.

Preping the areas is very easy use a barrier paint like Killz. Your paint dealer may have others. Then lightly sand the deck with 120 grit sand paper all over to give the paint something to bond to. Then paint with a high grade traffic paint. This should give you the results your looking for.

Good Luck

Allways use safety gear (i.e. breather mask for dust and fumes, safety glasses, rubber gloves)

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