Patio Deck versus Brick Paver Patio

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Patio Deck versus Brick Paver Patio

I dont have any experience constructing either one. Being a newbie - i would like some input with regards to which of the two would be easier to construct.

the layout is about 15ft x 20ft.

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Welcome to and the deck forum.

"Easier" is usually about the last consideration that comes into play when choosing between the two. Either one is going to be something that you will be living with for a long time -- which do you prefer the looks of?

The area where you will constructing this usually will dictate "which of the two would be easier to construct", and may have factors that will rule out one or the other.

If the area has a lot of slope, you are going to be moving a lot of dirt to make it level enough to put in pavers. Decks just use different post lengths to compensate for the slope.

How much height do you have from the ground to the bottom of any door threshold(s) that will be opening onto the deck or patio? If that step down is 8" or more, either will work fairly easily. The patio just might need a landing incorporated under the threshold(s). But if it's only a couple of inches, building the deck is going to be tricky.

Frost might rule out the patio as an option if you live in an area where frost heave is a problem.

Describe the area and any other factors that might affect the choice between the two to us, and we can explain what difficulties that each may present.

Which one you prefer the looks of -- I can't help you with that one!
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I'm in the process of making the same decision. I'm leaning towards a paver patio as opposed to a deck for one main reason now, and it may be a deciding factor for you also.
My reason is if I built a deck, it would be very close to the ground and I would never be able to access below it....hence, never able to access the bees nests that will eventually be built underneath the decking.

If you will have the height for the deck (allowing access underneath to kill the bees nests), than I feel it would be the easier route to go...but that's coming from someone who has built a few of them over the years.

As for paver patios, as mentioned by the previous poster, if the change in grade is extreme for your build area, the stone patio may be a pain in the butt.
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I also think it comes down to likes/dislikes. My folks had a patio in NJ (on level ground) and eventually went over it with a deck. They now like the deck much more. They used to love the patio but times/likes change. I personally love a deck. I am building one now and am itching to get to sit on it and relax. But the wife wants a stone patio in the backyard off the deck now too. A little of both worlds. Good luck.

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