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Unhappy Deck stairs Help!

I was so proud of my concrete pad I poured for my steps...Beautiful!...0ne problem. I built it just a little to far away from the deck. My rise is 25 inches and my run is a minimum of 30 inches, and thats just to the edge of the pad. I will have to use 4 steps. and my treads will have to be about 11 inches long. Is this going to be to shallow of a staircase? I though about adding 10 inches width to the concrete pad. If I do this whats the best way? Just build a new form and butt it up to the old pad and use one of those expansion joints between them? I hope I don't have to tear out the concrete and start over.
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I've got a program that I can punch numbers in to calculate stringers. It usually reccomends 30-35 degree angle for your stairs.

I ran this with some assumption(stairs butted against the rim joist, notched stringers and the top stair down one level from the deck, 1" stair treads, 1" risers, 3/4" tread overhang).

If you take the existing 25 rise, 30 run, you come out with a 32 degree stringer.

If you go to 30 degrees, the run comes out to 31 1/2 inches with the following calculations

risers 6 1/4"
treads 10 13/16"
initial rise from the concrete pad 5 1/4"
top tread 9 3/4"
distance from top stair to deck 7 1/4"
amount of stringer butted up against rim joist 1"
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thanks for the help

But would I be able to mount the notched stringer onto the concrete pad? Wouldn't I have to make the run about 35 to 36 inches long so it would leave some space for a bracket attached to the concrete and stringer?....does this make sense? I'm thinking my treads would have to be like 12 inches wide each to get my run to make it onto the landing. That seems like a very deep tread.
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It depends on how big of a bracket you're attaching with. On the set of stairs that I have landing on concrete, there is only a 1" L bracket on each stringer, connecting it to the concrete, and this is only for lateral stabilization, which doesn't typically get too much movement. I use twist clips to attach the stringers to the rim joist.

If the depth of the tread becomes too big for a stringer, they use a built up stair from successive platforms. You could make your run as long as you want doing it that way.

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