Anyone have experience with Rhino decking?


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Anyone have experience with Rhino decking?

I have been reading about decking materials and there is a lot of controversy about Trex decking. There have also been mention of several other composite decking manufacturers. Has anyone had any experience with Rhino decking? We are putting in a rather large deck and part of it will be surrounding an above ground pool. I wanted something more maintenance free than wood but I am scared of composites from what I have been reading. I am going back and forth from wood to composite and now I am thinking of vinyl! I am afraid that vinyl would crack in the cold winters. It seems like other people are confused too as far as what is the best since there is no perfect out there. Thanks for any input.
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I have no experience with Rhino. I use WeatherBest or Trex for composites, and redwood for wood decks.

Not sure what "controversy" about Trex you are referring to. There have been discussions in the past where people have taken "low maintanence" to mean "no maintanence", and they are upset when Trex (or any other deck) develops a mildew and mold problem. And there have been a few people who have gotten upset when their Natural Trex decking faded to a light grey -- just like Trex has gone to great lengths to show them that it was going to. I wouldn't call either of those a "controversy" -- that's just people not paying attention to the details when they are selecting their decking!

Like you said -- there is no PERFECT solution. (If there was, we would all be driving identical cars, living in identical houses, ...) Whatever you feel will best suit your needs and you like the looks of best -- now AND 5 years down the road!
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Smile Rhino worked great

I installed Rhino on a 12x20' deck in Sioux City IA in July of 2002. I sold the home this year and the deck looked great. The original reason for Rhino was because it was the only one locally that had decking in 20' lengths.

The decking was not all exactly the same length, but close. I just sorted them to match the frame. They also had a little wave to them so some parts were not as close together as others, but not bad and probably as good as any other product.

I also used a product called deck master to attach them. It prevented holes in the top showing and gave a great look.

Good luck
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There is HUGE controversy and I have worked with the Trex folks in the past. They are well aware that it isn't mold or mildew and yet a flaw with the product. They are getting a black tannin bleed from the Red Oak that is the wood content part of their decking. This is not mold and mildew. I am not here to bash any product, just trying to point out that there is much more to this issue.
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Question ChoiceDek

Has anyone worked with ChoiceDek? I am in the Balto/DC area, and Lowes stocks ChoiceDek by Weyerhauser. Are there other options, beyond those currently discussed?

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We built a deck a few years ago with what is now Veranda decking from Home Depot- I would not recommend any composite decking to anyone until they figure out this mildew issue. Our deck is beige, full sun and covered in black mildew spots. We have used multiple deck cleaners and nothing works. We pressure wash it and it will lighten them for a couple of weeks and then come back even worse. We replaced an existing wood deck that never had any mildew issues, so we know it is the composite. If I had known it would be this much work and still look this bad I never would have used it. I have some pictures I took because I am filing a complaint with the BBB, but I don't know how to post them here.

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