Covered Patio Project - Any help appreciated!


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Covered Patio Project - Any help appreciated!

Hello -
I was hoping someone could take a peek at a few pics of my back yard patio and give me some advice. The dilemma is that rather than put a gazebo-type structure out away from the house in the yard, I'd MUCH rather find some way to put up a structure that covers my existing patio, and ties into the existing house design nicely. The problem is that my house has a weird "L" shaped area that the patio sits in, the pitch of the roof seems like it would be very difficult to design a structure that flows with the look of the house.
Please forgive if I'm not posting in the correct section of the forum. Could anyone give advice on this, or point me to someone that could help me? What i'm looking for is a very very rough sketch of some possible designs that would work for incorporating a covered patio.

Here is a link to 3 pictures of the back patio.

I'm basically frustrating myself here, as it seems I just can't seem to get moving with this project. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!

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Thumbs up Patio Roof

Dear Mark:

I am in the same boat, but the fix for you is much easier! I have a screen room with a pitched roof that opens onto my largest deck. I have to find someone who can tie the new roof into the existsing structure and knows what he/she is doing with blending a valley in the roof.

Your roof is flat all the way around and building a roof line that ties into your existing roof will be much easier. I would call a roofing company (licensed and insured) for a free estimate on the roof. Are you planning to enclose this are for a screen or sun room area? You already have a nice concrete pad for doing that.

Another solution is a fixed awning, and I would check out to see what they can do - you didn't say where you lived, but they are in NC.

If you're handy and have a couple of good friends willing to sweat, go to Home depot or Lowe's for a book on Patios, Decks and patio roofs, or just one on roofs. They are very well-written and easy to follow if you have the tools, and patience.

Good luck! Keep us posted
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thanks a lot for the info and advice Stephanie

i'll definitely try your suggestions - what i had actually wanted to do originally was build a free-standing structure directly over the patio, that basically over hung my roof line - but not actually tied into the house....more or less when the rain ran off the side of the new structure, it would then fall onto my existing house roof and then down to the gutter....

i just want something that looks clean and professional - i will definitely give your ideas a try - thanks a bunch!

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Patio Cover

A free-standing structure, such as a pergola (arbor), would be the least expensive, and would be a good DIY project which may not require a building permit in your locality (check first -- if you build without a required permit, and later decide to sell your house, you will have to disclose unpermitted construction).

If you decide to tie the cover to the existing roof, you will definitely need a permit. If your budget allows, don't rule out a screen room or sun room. This will add value to your house. Take your photos to the next home improvement show in your area and talk to the reps there -- that's what we did.

But if you add a sunroom, you may find you need to do more. Like adding a skylight to the room (eat-in kitchen? family room?) behind the bay window, changing the bay window to french doors, adding a new patio or deck to replace the patio lost to the sunroom....

If you go with a pergola, orient the beams E-W and trellissing N-S for maximum shade.

Retractable awnings are popular, but can cost more than a pergola. And they should be retracted when moisture is present. In urban or dusty areas, they can get dirty very quickly.

By the way, you may want to address that downspout. It seems to be missing a lower section, shoe, and splasher block.
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Smile Roofing Ideas

Thanks for all the great advice! I had priced an awning and after I woke up, figured out another way. They have pre-designed sun rooms they deliver complete for your assembly, but those are expensive, too. I think I may just enjoy my screen room for the time being, and think about maybe just a large umbrella next summer so I can get some sun - covered in skeeter-spray of course!

I could easily make my own arbor - roof system with joists and rafters - probably without a permit as the deck isn't permitted - or if it was, the inspector didn't notice the joists were screwed in instead of nailed with 10d nails! Then I could flash it and tie it in the exisiting screen porch roof under the facia - I don't know, I still have 2400 sq ft of floors to install...
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