Deck cleaning and staining

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Andy Beet
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Deck cleaning and staining

I have read a bunch of threads regarding information on this subject so i hope this isn’t a redundant posting.

I have a deck with pressure treated rails and a mahogany floor. I want to clean it and stain it.

I have read that oxygen bleach as a cleaner is recommended but I have already used Floods Dekswood product to clean the deck. This contains oxalic acid from what i have read. What is the difference between this and oxygen bleach with respect to what it does as a cleaner? Can i use oxygen bleach on top of what i have already done? Is there any point? Do i need to do any other prep work before staining?

With respect to the stain i have read a that some stains classed as "semi transparent" provide limited protection. Closed stains (containing silicone or wax blends) retain moisture in the wood and accelerate rotting . And that the best type of stains are classed as microporous or "penetrating sealers" containing higher resin contents allowing the wood to breath whilst protecting from moisture and other contaminants.

I have been in several stores to try to find out which brands make these penetrating sealers but have not had much luck. I am looking for a clear stain. I have heard Defy makes a good stain, others say Penofin. I am at a point where i am quite confused and need some help. Any recommendations?

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Everett Abrams
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Oxalic Acid is usually used as a wood brightener/neutralizer. It will not kill mold and mildew. It is this reason that you should clean the deck with the oxygenated bleach and, while wet, apply your oxalic acid. When dry you will be ready to stain or seal. For my money I like Cabot's Australian Timber Oil for a penetrating sealer. Penetrating oil finishes are best for exterior wood. If it is a color you are looking for and decide on a semi-trans product, I would still recommend an oil-base.

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