Paver patio slope/grade question


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Cool Paver patio slope/grade question

Our landscapers are in the process of finishing up our patio with the edging. My wife and I walked out onto it the other day to inspect it and felt like it was slopping away from the house.

A friend of mine who has installed patio's professionaly in the past said it should slope away from the house at a rate of 2" per 12 feet. Another place on the web stated 1" per 10 feet.

Last night I stretched a line level across the depth of the patio and found it sloped 2 1/4 inches at 12 feet and almost 4.5 inches at 18' (the full depth of the patio). Additionaly it seems to be much more level closer to the house even with the stoop, then the grade starts to drop about 3-4' out.

Is this an acceptable margin of 'error' or should I be raising an issue with it.

I'm more interested in if this is 'sometimes the way it is' or should it undoutably be more accurate.

Also, What is the most widely accepted standard grade for a patio?
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We are the process of putting a patio in right now, and we are shooting for 1" every 10 feet. You obviously don't want it too sloped, or you will really notice it when you are sitting on it.

And that doesn't seem like just a margin of error, it seems like they are just to lazy to do it right. It isn't that hard to get the slope very close to what you want if you take your time and measure.
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The paver patio i installed here this summer is 12x10 and i have about 2" pitch over 12' to keep it away from the house and 1" over 10' to keep it from draining under the deck.

As far as the stoop, did they match that height exactly to avoid a tripping hazard?

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