Green Stuff On Deck


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Green Stuff On Deck

I have a deck that goes from the back of the house around the side of the house. It's an older deck and last summer it began getting 'slippery' to walk on and turning green. My outside water spigot does not work as far as getting out a hose to try to wash it down. Any suggestions on how to remove the green with no water pressure from a hose?

I just noticed that my 'newer' front deck is getting green in a couple of spots as well.

I'm from Illinois where the seasons change all the time

Thanks for ANY ideas!
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Sounds like mold or mildew build-up on the wood, guessing it's wood. There are alot of commericial products on the market that will cut the crud off the deck, without having access to running water it's going to take a lot more elbow grease to remove the build-up. You can buy one of the many deck cleaning products and mix it up with water in a 5 gal bucket and then use a stiff broom or brush (you want stiff bristles, but nothing so hard that it will scratch the wood) to scrub off the deck and then rinse with buckets of water. A mixture of about 50/50 white vinegar and plain water does a pretty decent job of cleaning mold and mildew offf surfaces as well. When you put the cleaning solution on the deck let it stand for about 15-20 min, then start your scrubbing.

Typically outdoor decks and such will need to be cleaned and resealed each year. So I would really advise that you look into why your outside spigot isn't working and get that fixed.
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You really need to kill it with a mildecide
Cabot has some great product you mix with water and spray on
Most products I know of need to be rinsed though
I have been lucky and needed only the brushing and water on occasion, but that's rare, and for small spots
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