Opinions of "shade fabric"?

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Opinions of "shade fabric"?

I've found a product made by a company called Coolaroo (Australian company - go figure ). It is a "shade fabric" that blocks 90% of the sun's rays, and is designed for use on covered patios and such as an alternative to traditional joist/plywood/roofing patio covers.

Let me say, I live in ARIZONA. So water-resistance and "not getting rained on" is NOT a priority. We haven't seen but two drops of rain in about 3 months here, and temps are in the 110+ range. Shade is what I'll need.

The product is supposed to be knitted rather than woven, so it will not fray. It can be directly screwed to wood beams/joists. It also has a 10 year warranty against UV, mildew (yeah right - here? ), stretching, etc.

I think this product has opened up a whole new world of design ideas for a covered patio in my backyard, and will also save me a lot of construction time AND money.

A 6' wide-by-100'-long roll of the stuff costs a mere $225 or so. With no need to put joists every 16" in the structure anymore, the cost savings is enormous. And that 100' roll will probably complete both patio covers I have planned, with plenty left over for any repairs necessary down the road. The design possiblities also become wide-open without the need for typical construction.

Has anyone used this type of stuff before? Is the quality as high as it seems?

Thanks for any opinions.
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I've never dealt with, or even heard of 'Coolaroo'. The fabric for awnings around here is Sunbrella.

But Redding, Phoenix, Austrailia -- we all get the same summer temps, and blazing sun -- no matter whether they show up in July and August or December and January.

My guess is that if the Ausies developed it and it works well for them in the middle of our winter, it'll do just fine in our summer!

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